How to get Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 beta

Get the new MCPE 0.12.0 beta version.

Get the new MCPE 0.12.0 beta version.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12 update is finally out!

The Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 beta is finally out! The new update offers new amazing features like weather, potions, and bunch of new items. Aside from new additions, the “nether reactor core” will now be replaced by a real nether.

Here is how you can get the beta build of Minecraft Pocket Edition:


  • MCPE Beta runs on Android devices only
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Make sure the Google+ account you use is the same one connected to the Google Play store with MCPE

How To Get into the Minecraft PE beta:

  1. Join the Minecraft Pocket Edition Google+ community.
  2. Go into the Minecraft Pocket Edition beta testing group.
  3. Join the MCPE beta.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Check the Google Play store. Go to “My Apps” and check for the MCPE Update.
  6. Update Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Your role in the beta build:

  1. Find bugs, glitches and other issues.
  2. Post them on MCPE Google+ community and on Reddit.

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