It just couldn't be easy to get ilvl 630 weapons this raid tier in FFXIV, could it?

How to Get Moonshine Brine in FFXIV

It just couldn't be easy to get ilvl 630 weapons this raid tier in FFXIV, could it?

Moonshine Brine is one of the components to upgrading your regular Lunar Envoy weapons in FFXIV to the 630 ilvl Augmented Lunar Envoy weapons, but getting the material isn’t as simple as stopping at a Market Board and spending some gil. You’ve got to farm your way to this augmentation component.

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How to Get Moonshine Brine in Final Fantasy XIV

There are two routes to get Moonshine Brine, but both of them require you to take on and complete Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage).

On your first Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) clear in a week, you’ll be granted a single Abyssos Mythos III tome. You can only get one per week, and you’ll need four of these tomes to trade for a single Moonshine Brine. The exchange NPC Djole found in Radz-at-Han at the coordinates (10.3,9.6).

The second method, which also requires clearing Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage), is just grinding the fight out and hoping to see Moonshine Brine in the loot list and then hope that you can win a Need roll on it. The amount of coffers rewarded for this fight depends on how many party members cleared it that week, with there being less when more players have already cleared it that week.

That’s all you need to know about getting Moonshine Brine to upgrade your weapon(s) to Augmented Lunar Envoy weapons. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other FFXIV guides.

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