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How to Get Omanyte in Pokemon GO

Need an Omanyte for your PokeDex? Here's how to get one in Pokemon GO.

Omanyte is part of the original 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Revived from a fossil, it’s from the distant past. Having made its way into Pokemon GO, it’s a rare find on its own. It evolves into Omastar after feeding it 50 candies, which is a solid choice for the Great League with its ability to know two Elite TM moves. Here’s how to get an Omanyte in PoGO.

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How to Get Omanyte in Pokemon GO

Currently, the easiest way to get Omanyte in Pokemon GO is by hatching it from a 5 KM egg. It’s a Tier 1 rarity hatch, so it’s one of the more likely Pokemon to hatch from that specific egg. Since the start of Hidden Gems, I’ve hatched about five of them.

You can catch Omanyte by completing Field Research, specifically the Make 3 Great Throws task. It’s one of five Pokemon you can encounter as your reward, which are relatively good odds if you don’t have any 5 KM eggs to hatch. Getting the task with be harder than encountering one.

While the Pokemon isn’t currently released in the wild, I have seen one and its evolution, Omastar, appear while using my daily adventure incense. This could be a glitch, and since I haven’t been able to replicate it, I can’t confirm if it consistently shows up in response to incense.

Adventure Week Event

Starting on July 27 at 10 a.m., the Adventure Week event will increase your ability to get an Omanyte of your own. The Pokemon will be released into the wild for the duration of Adventure Week, which ends August 2 at 8 p.m. You’ll also have a chance to catch an Omastar by completing Field Research that rewards a Pokemon Encounter.

That’s how to obtain an Omanyte in Pokemon GO. Hatching eggs is the most consistent way to get one, as well as earn enough candy to evolve it. You may want to invest in additional incubators if that’s your goal. For more on Pokemon GO, including Raid tips, which Pokemon can be shiny, or how to defeat certain Team GO Rocket leaders, check out our PoGO guides.

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