How To Get Over 18,000 Achievement Points In World Of Warcraft

Tips and tricks to get a boat load of achievements
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1.) The Little Things Add Up

Before I touched the Glory Of The Ulduar Raider, or got my first legendary weapon, I was working on the small achievements. Getting a haircut, sampling the fine cuisine of Azeroth, and trying to fall 65 yards without dying. Most achievements will reward you with five or ten points, while ten points does not seem like a lot, the little ones do add up quickly.

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2.) Don't let it get in the way

Achievement hunting is a boatload of fun, but if you're still very new to World of Warcraft and don't have a level 90 character yet, then you should work on getting to level 90 first; doing so will award you with achievements, plus it will make achievement hunting a lot easier. Especially when you need to work on the Vanilla and Burning Crusade achievements. Don't let achievement hunting become a chore, make sure you want to go for achievements.

3.) Know Your Role

Research your class, and your spec. Make sure you are doing everything you can to maximize your effectiveness. Websites like, and even the official World of Warcraft Forums are a major help. If you want to get some of those raiding achievements then you need to be a good raider, and good raiders know their classes and specs. is also extremely helpful for researching the harder achievements and how to get them.

4.) Two is better than one

Try to find a helpful and friendly guild to join--one that fits your playstyle. Joining a guild is a great way to make friends, learn how to raid, and get a boat load of achievements. There are going to be achievements where you need more than yourself to get things done. Being kind and generous can go a long way.

5.) Limited Time Offer

If there are seasonal or monthly achievements that you have yet to get, then it would be wise to make these a priority. Halloween and Christmas only come once a year, so try your best to knock out those World Event achievements when they come around. If you don't get everything, don't worry about it, next year has more for you to get.

6.) Do what you love.

I am not a huge fan of PVP in World Of Warcraft, which is why I don't have a lot of PVP achievements. If you love exploring or raiding, then work on exploring and raiding achievements. Don't worry about getting every achievement there is--you have plenty of time.

7.) Patience is a virtue

Being patient is a life saver in World Of Warcraft; don't worry about getting every achievement in the first year of playing. Getting over 18,000 achievement points took me four years. Will it take you four years to get that much? Maybe, maybe not. Just make sure you have fun along the way.

8.) The Secret Weapon

Yes, there is a secret weapon to getting massive amounts of achievements. It goes by the name of OpenRaid.Org. OpenRaid is free to use and registering is quick and easy. The site is used for scheduling achievement runs, raids and much more. If you want to break the 10,000 mark on your achievement points, then using OpenRaid will help you do so. There are always events going on; if you can't find what you're looking for you can always make your own event.

9.) Well, Since We're Here

A good way to get achievement points is to find out what achievements are in the zone you're in. If you're in the Wetlands, try to find achievements that can be completed in the Wetlands, such as exploring the Wetlands or completing every quest chain in the Wetlands.

10.) Feats

Feats of Strength are mainly for bragging rights and reward no achievement points. Only go for Feats of Strength if you really want to. Some Feats of Strength include getting legendary weapons, or getting extremely rare mounts.

Here is my Death Knight with over 18,000 achievement points.

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