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How to Get Padding in Enshrouded

Padding is needed for late game armor in Enshrouded.

Crafted out of Fabric and Linen, Padding is necessary for all end-game armor sets, regardless of your build. If you want the best armor, you’ll need to know how to get padding in Enshrouded.

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How to Unlock the Padding Recipe in Enshrouded

Padding is a late-game Hunter recipe. To unlock it, you must do one of two things: complete all of the Hunter’s quests, including Loom for the Hunter, or loot any Fabric or Padding out in the world. Fabric and Padding are typically found in ruins in the Kindlewastes.

How to Craft Padding in Enshrouded

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Padding is one of the most resource-intensive items in Enshrouded, requiring large amounts of Flax for both the Linen and Fabric components. The full recipe calls for x3 Fabric, x1 Leather, x2 Resin, and x3 Linen. Fabric requires the Loom to make and needs x5 Linen. That means each piece of Padding you create takes 18 units of Linen.

How to Use the Spinning Wheel to Make Padding Faster

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Additionally, use the Spinning Wheel to reduce the amount of the Flower you need. Using the Hand Spindle, Linen requires x2 Flax and takes 10 seconds to finish processing. The Spinning Wheel halves both the input requirements and time to craft the same amount of Linen.

Not only did I grow 50-100 Flax plants in Fertilised Farm Soil, but I also used the time that Fabric was being made to make my way through the Revelwoods and gather even more of the plant. This ensured I had plenty to turn into Linen while having some left for Flax Seedlings.

What is Padding Used for in Enshrouded?

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Once you have a stash of Padding, you can craft the following items:

  • Deadeye Set
  • Deerstalker Set
  • Assassin Set
  • Warlock Set
  • Archmage Set
  • Sage Set
  • Soldier Set
  • Warden Set
  • Rogue Set
  • Iron Bench
  • Sand Throne
  • Palm Wood Chair

That’s how to get Padding in Enshrouded. For more late-game crafting, building designs, or how to complete crafter quests, check out our Shroud free guide vault.

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