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How to Get Prestige Points in MultiVersus

If you're wondering how to get Prestige points in MultiVersus, then follow our guide for all the tips and tricks.

At launch, MultiVersus introduced a new type of currency called Prestige. This currency can be used only for purchasing exclusive Prestige cosmetics. But how do you earn it? Here, I’ll provide you with tips on how to get Prestige points in MultiVersus, including all possible methods.

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MultiVersus: How to Get Prestige Points

The only way to get Prestige points in MultiVersus is to acquire cosmetics of various rarities. The higher the rarity of the cosmetics unlocked, the more Prestige tokens you’ll earn. Note that there are five rarities of cosmetics in MultiVersus, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Here’s how much you’ll make for each one:

  • 1 common cosmetic = 50 Prestige points
  • 1 uncommon cosmetic = 300 Prestige points
  • 1 rare cosmetic = 960 Prestige points
  • 1 epic cosmetic = 3,600 Prestige points
  • 1 legendary cosmetic = 9,600 Prestige points

But that’s not it, as you also earn 700 Prestige points for unlocking a banner and 2,850 Prestige points for completing the first 10 stages of the Battlepass. So, there are plenty of opportunities to earn this currency.

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Anyone who participated in the Open Beta test phase of MultiVersus and unlocked cosmetics automatically gains Prestige points, depending on their previous progress. However, all new players will have to start from scratch. Here, I explain how to unlock cosmetics and get the most Prestige points:

  • Unlock Achievements. There are 28 achievements in MultiVersus, which you can unlock and earn rare, epic, and legendary cosmetics. These will convert to lots of Prestige points once completed.
  • Complete Seasonal Events. Every season in MultiVersus will have special events that reward players with new cosmetics, such as Halloween, Winter Holidays, Monster Smash, and many others.
  • Daily Login Rewards. This is the easiest way to obtain Prestige points, as all you need to do is not forget to log in at least once a day to get your free share of tokens.
  • Purchase Cosmetics. Lastly, you can simply purchase cosmetics using Gleamium currency in the Store menu. Here’s how much Gleamium and real money you can spend to get Prestige points:
    • 300 Prestige points = 500 Gleamium ($4.99)
    • 960 Prestige points = 800 Gleamium ($7.99)
    • 3,600 Prestige points = 1,500 Gleamium ($14.99)
    • 9,600 Prestige points = 2,000 Gleamium ($19.99)

How to Use Prestige Points in MultiVersus

Regardless of how you decide to get your Prestige points, it’s important to remember that one Prestige cosmetic may cost as much as 100,000 Prestige points. You can find all the available Prestige cosmetics in the “Prestige” tab of the in-game “Store” menu. Here’s the list and prices of the currently available items:

  • Burnt Toast: 9,000 Prestige points
  • Hahahahaha: 11,500 Prestige points
  • Mad Cause You’re Single: 22,500 Prestige points
  • Beach Bash Harley Quinn: 75,000 Prestige points
  • Shazam!: 75,000 Prestige points
  • The Batman Who Laughs: 100,000 Prestige points

That’s all I wanted to tell you about how to get Prestige points in MultiVersus. Stay tuned for more MV tips and tricks articles right here.

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