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How to Get Quetzalcoatl Talon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Crafting windmill gear takes a few hard-to-find components. Here's how to get Quetzalcoatl Talon in FF7 Rebirth.

When you start the “Where the Wind Blows” quest, helping Mildred fix her windmill sounds like a simple repair job at first, but your search for a Quetzalcoatl Talon will lead you straight into the dangerous creature’s nest. Plus, finding it will take a bit of World Intel, so I’ll show you how to get a Quetzalcoatl Talon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to transmute Mildred’s windmill gear.

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How to Find Quetzalcoatl Talon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

To obtain a Quetzalcoatl talon in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, you need to reveal the Quetzalcoatl’s Grasslands habitat by surveying four Lifespring locations for Chadley. Scanning these four points of interest gives Chadley enough World Intel to point you to the Quetzalcoatl’s nest. It’s marked as the Winged Lacertilian of Yore Classified Intel quest on your map. Discovering the creature’s nest is only half the battle, though.

The other half is, well, an actual battle, since you need to defeat the Quetzalcoatl to loot the Quetzalcoatl Talon. Additionally, it counts as a Classified Foe, which means you can’t flee from this fiend once you start fighting it. I’ll include combat tips below, so you don’t have to restart it as many times as I did. Then, after you complete the encounter, use the Talon to transmute Mildred’s windmill gear for the “Where the Wind Blows” side quest.

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Grasslands Lifesprings Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

If you’re having trouble finding four Lifesprings, I recommend activating any towers that you find in the Grasslands. Once they’re activated, additional Intel markers will appear on your map, including Expedition Intel, which marks surrounding Lifesprings. When you get close to one, you’ll hear the hoot of a red Springseeker owl. You can follow it straight to the location.

The Cragshade Lifespring, Wetlands Lifespring, Morass Lifespring, and Grasswastes Lifespring are easy to find after you unlock your Chocobo. Two of them are near Bill’s ranch. The other two are close to Kalm. After unlocking all four Lifesprings, Chadley will call to tell you where to find the Quetzalcoatl. And you don’t need to scan the ones that I chose. Any four Grasslands Lifesprings will count.

Map view of Cragshade Lifespring location
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To find the Cragshade Lifespring, travel north from Bill’s Ranch. The Springseeker owl appeared shortly after I left the ranch.

Map marker for Grasswastes Lifespring
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To find the Grasswastes Lifespring, activate the Plains Tower near Oliver’s Farm. Then, travel west from the tower. Be careful, though. There’s a Wailing Weed Fiend Intel point between you and the Lifespring. Thankfully, you can avoid it, if you’re not itching for a fight.

Map location for Wetlands Lifespring in the Grasslands

To find the Wetlands Lifespring, travel south from the Abandoned Dock, sticking to the coastline and rocky edge.

Map view of Morass Lifespring location
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To find the Morass Lifespring, cross the bog west of the Wetlands Lifespring. When you reach land, you’ll climb up the stairs of an eroding reservoir and a Springseeker owl will lead you to the Lifespring.

How to Defeat the Quetzalcoatl in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Before I started the Winged Lacertilian of Yore encounter against the Quetzalcoatl, I equipped Cloud with Assess Materia to discover the creature’s weaknesses and resistances. Quetzalcoatl is weak to Ice attacks, so exploiting that elemental weakness will pressure and stagger it. As such, having Ice Materia equipped will ensure you can cast Blizzard, putting you at an advantage. What helps the most, though, is summoning Shiva with Shiva Materia, which is automatically equipped to Aerith’s weapon at the start of FF7 Rebirth.

Shiva’s Heavenly Strike deals a massive amount of single-target damage while Icicle Impact costs less ATB and deals a moderate amount of damage. If you have Shiva dishing out Ice attacks along with another character casting Blizzard, you’ll stagger Quetzalcoatl quickly. Otherwise, you’ll suffer damage from its Thunder spells and charge abilities.

That’s everything I know about how to get Quetzalcoatl Talon in FF7 Rebirth by finding and defeating a Quetzalcoatl. For more on the game, such as the best early Folio upgrades and how to get Moogle Medals, check out our growing Rebirth guides hub.

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