How to get into the caviar-production business in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Roe and Make Caviar in Stardew Valley

How to get into the caviar-production business in Stardew Valley.

This week’s 1.4 update to Stardew Valley brought a slew of changes, most excitingly the new four corners farm. However, those with established farms looking into the update’s new money-making methods are most interested in the new Artisan Good, caviar.

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Caviar sells for a base price of 500g, making it a worthy addition to most farmers’ cash flow. You have to raise the right fish to get into the caviar market, though. That fish is sturgeon.

How to Catch a Sturgeon

Sturgeon roe is the base for most caviar in real life, and it’s the fish you’ve got to get familiar with in Stardew Valley if you’re looking to sell some preserved fish eggs (it sounds terrible that way, I know).

Sturgeon are a semi-elusive fish, but not so much so you’re going to be trying to reel one in for hours.

You can catch sturgeon in the mountain lake, which is the body of water right at the entrance to the mines, in both summer and winter.

If you’re trying in summer, you’ll have a much higher chance of catching a sturgeon on a rainy day. You won’t be catching any, no matter the season, after 7 p.m., though.

How to Raise Sturgeon

Catching these fish is just the first step. Next you need to have a fish pond built at your farm.

You will need the following materials for Robin to be able to make a fish pond:

  • 5,000g
  • 200 stone
  • 5 green algae
  • 5 seaweed

Green algae can be caught in both fresh and saltwater, but seaweed can only be caught in saltwater. So head to the beach and try to reel some in, if you don’t have any already.

Once the fish pond is built, you can drop your sturgeon in there to produce roe on a regular basis. You can have a maximum of 10 fish per pond, and they will reproduce.

How to Make Roe into Caviar

First craft and place a preserves jar on your farm, or many if you want to produce several caviar at once.

It takes 6000 in-game minutes to cure the sturgeon roe into caviar, which equates to a few days. So you will probably want to get several batches of caviar curing at a time.

This may all sound convoluted, but it’s surprisingly easy to get some sturgeon, build the fish pond, and start curing your sturgeon roe and add the spoils of your labor to your revenue stream.


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