Collecting Ruby in Muck is essential to completing the game. Here's how to find and mine it.

How to Get Ruby in Muck Game

Collecting Ruby in Muck is essential to completing the game. Here's how to find and mine it.

Ruby is one of the rarest minerals in Muck. It’s also not like other ores in the game. It spawns differently, and its uses aren’t as straightforward as standard ores.

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Ruby appears as a golden shard in your inventory. Currently, it’s only used to repair shipwreck engines, though that may change with future updates and patches. This Muck game guide will tell you where to find Ruby and what to do with it.

Note: Ruby is the only ore chunk in Muck that spawns exclusively in caves. You will not find any on the surface like you do Iron or Mithril. 

Craft an Adamantite Pickaxe

You’ll first need to craft an Adamantite Pickaxe with the following materials:

  • 5 Adamantite bars
  • 10 oak wood logs
  • 5 bark

Adamantite is green and can be found at the surface as an uncommon ore. Mining one requires a Mithril Pickaxe, and one chunk will yield 5 to 15 Adamantite ore, enough to craft a Pickaxe.

Mine Ruby in Caves

Cave in a green field with orange ruby outcroppings inside.

With your Adamantite pickaxe in hand, go into a cave system. Ruby chunks appear as pointy, bright orange spikes of rock that vary in size. A single chunk can drop between five and 10 Ruby.

Unlike most other chunks, Ruby will drop as Ruby, not ore. It does not need to be processed in a furnace.

Get Ruby from Guardians

On top of it being an uncommon mineral, it is also a rare drop by Guardians. Killing one gives a 1/20 chance of dropping Ruby, so while targeting these enemies may not be your best course of action for grinding for the mineral, it is an option.

Use Ruby to Repair the Shipwreck

Repairing the shipwreck engine will require 11 Ruby for a particular component, one more than the maximum amount you can get from a single chunk. This is an essential step in reaching the final boss and beating the game.

Even though Ruby doesn’t seem as useful as some of the other minerals, it’s actually incredibly important if you’re looking to reach the end game.

Best Ruby Seed

If you’d rather not search for Ruby, there are some Muck seeds that will help you out. The seed “896066” will spawn you right in front of a cave, filled with all of the minerals you could ever hope for: Gold, Mithril, Adamantite, Obamium, and Ruby.

If you’d like a challenge, the seed “3284124” spawns you right next to another Ruby-filled cave, though this one is guarded by a pair of Stone Golems!

There’s much more to beating Muck than just collecting Rubies, but hopefully, this guide can assist you in getting there. For more on the survival game from Dani, check out our other Muck guides!

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