How to Get the Drake Helmet in Valheim

Do you want to look like an end-game boss? Here's how to score this epic Drake Helmet to prove your worth as a warrior in Valheim.

Do you want to look like an end-game boss? Here's how to score this epic Drake Helmet to prove your worth as a warrior in Valheim.

Hands down the Drake Helmet is one of the best-looking helms in Valheim. Maybe it’s the swept-back horns or maybe the regal silver coloring. Whatever it may be for you, you’re going to have to jump a few hurdles before you can craft one of these epic helmets and that’s what we’re going to cover in this guide. 

Valheim: How to Get the Drake Helm

In order to craft the Drake Helmet, you’re going to have to do some serious resource gathering. The Drake Helmet requires:

  • 20 Silver
  • 2 Wolf Pelts
  • 2 Drake Trophies

Being a mid-to-late game piece of gear, you’re going to need an Iron Pickaxe as well as the Wishbone to detect the silver ore. Meaning you’ll need to have beaten Bonemass, the third boss of the game, in order to even have a chance.

Speaking of having a chance, you’re also going to need 2 Drake Trophies which means you’re going to need to do a little hunting in the mountains biome. 

Even before worrying about the Drakes you’ll need to worry about the mountain biome itself; sapping your health away with the freezing cold. This can be combated with Frost Resistance Mead until you can craft a Wolf Fur Cape or Wolf Armor Chest

Valheim Drake Hunting Tips

Drakes are fairly formidable foes, choosing to fight you from the skies where the advantage is theirs. You’re going to want to make sure that you’ve brought a strong bow as well as strong arrows to drop these foes quickly. I’d recommend at least ironhead arrows, I used poison arrows found in the sunken crypts of the swamp biome to pretty good effect; killing drakes within two or three hits.

A good strategy for fighting them is to dodge their icy breath attack in a left or right strafing manner. If you’re playing co-op with some friends hunting Drakes can be made easier by having someone use the harpoon on the Drake to keep it from flying off; easing your speed in dispatching them.

No matter how you take them down, you’re likely to have to slay your fair share as the drop rate for the Drake Trophy is quite low: 15% to be exact.

Once you’ve gathered all the needed materials you’ll craft the Drake Helmet at the forge. The drake helmet has a base armor of 20, which is the same armor level as a maxed-out iron helmet, but six points less armor than the base padded helmet.

The Drake Helmet looks best with the wolf armor set and can easily be worn as end-game armor with everything fully upgraded, which you won’t need any more Drake Trophies to do; just silver ingots.

Hopefully, this information helps you to better obtain this awesome helmet to complete your armor as well as show your mastery over the mountains and the Drakes that call them home. If you’re new to Iron Gate’s survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles.

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