Geneforge 2 Infestation
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How to Get the Living Tool in Geneforge 2 – Infestation

...a living tool to make your life miserable.

Living Tool is one of the earliest items you’ll make acquaintance with in Geneforge 2 – Infestation. Its purpose may not be immediately known to you, but rest assured, it’s an important item to have, in infinite amounts if possible. Here’s how to get Living Tool in Geneforge 2 – Infestation.

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Where to Find the Living Tool in Geneforge 2 – Infestation

You can find Living Tools all over the world in Geneforge 2 – Infestation. This means that you’ll need to scour every corner because I’ve seen Living Tools lying on the ground in plain sight, hiding in various barrels and chests, and it can be purchased in some shops.

Living Tool Geneforge 2 Infestation
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This means that you should press “G” from time to time to inspect lootable items around you. Living Tool looks like a weird lime-green claw if I had to describe it with words.

What is Living Tool used for in Geneforge 2 – Infestation

Living Tools are the lockpicking tools in Geneforge 2 – Infestation. You use them to unlock doors for which you don’t have a key. Because many Living Tools are necessary for each lock, I would advise you to level up your Mechanics skills. Doing so may reduce the number of Living Tools needed for each lockpick operation.

Should You Go Back to Unlock Locked Doors at Starting Levels?

The answer to this question varies. I remember finding exactly one Living Tool and spotting a door that required two Living Tools to unlock. For my readers, I actually went back to unlock it after getting my second Living Tool in the next level. I was not feeling content with what I found behind the locked doors.

Needless to say, I saved my game before wasting my hard-earned Living Tools, and I advise you to do the same. “Save cheesing” or “save scumming” is a legitimate and clever usage of game mechanics left for you by the developers. Be careful where you spend your Living Tools.

That’s all about the Living Tool I have for you. Check out how to regenerate Health, Energy, and Essence, and our Geneforge 2 – Infestation game tag.

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