How to Get the Triton Vice Exotic Hunter Arms in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

The Triton Vice Exotic Arms from Destiny 2: Season fo the Deep are defintely one of the more unique armor pieces in the game. Here's how to get it.

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The Triton Vice Exotic Arms for Hunter are one of the more unique (and niche) new Exotic armor pieces, focusing almost entirely on empowering Glaives, one of the more underused weapon archetypes in Destiny 2. So whether you’re a Glaive aficionado, want to add the piece to your collection, or have some other reason for earning it, we’ll go over the best ways to do so in this guide.

How to Get the Triton Vice Exotic in Destiny 2

As with any new piece of Exotic armor in Destiny 2, by far the best way to get the Triton Vice is by completing a Legend or Master Lost Sector solo when it rewards Exotic Arms. You’ll be able to see which planet hosts the high-difficult Lost Sector thanks to the symbol next to the planet icon on the main Director screen.

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You will need to complete the Lost Sector on its base difficulty to access the higher one, but once you do so with every Sector in the game, you’ll be able to access a rotating selection of activities that let you target farm specific Exotic armor pieces.

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Provided you can complete the Lost Sector solo, you have a much higher chance of getting a particular exotic if you don’t yet have one from that activity’s particular slot. This applies to the Triton Vice and any other Exotic arms (or head, chest, and boots) you might need.

You can also try your hand at the RNG mines of decrypting random Exotic engrams you find in the world, or by farming high-difficulty Nightfall activities for the random Exotic armor rewarded at the end. Exotic Engrams are easier to come by these days, thankfully, as rewards for completing Vendor challenges. Nightfalls are more accessible as well, with the Pinnacle Power cap not seeing an increase with Season of the Deep. Still, I recommend solo Legend Lost Sectors, for efficiency when hunting the Triton Vice and other Exotic armor you don’t yet have.

Beyond that, there isn’t much more to get your hands on the Triton Vice in Destiny 2. As a glaive-focused piece, it definitely has niche uses, and there are bound to be some fun build ideas if that weapon type is your jam. For more on Destiny 2, we have guides on how to get the Aquanaut title, how to get Deepsight Harmonizers and more in our D2 guides hub.

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