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How to Get and Use Tin Ore in Enshrouded

Tin Ore is required to make Bronze in Enshrouded. Here's where to mine it.

Tin is a metal needed to craft advanced weapons, armor, and building items. A late-game resource, this is how to get and use Tin Ore in Enshrouded.

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Where to Find Tin Ore in Enshrouded

You’ll start to discover Tin Ore in the Nomad Highlands once the Deadly Shroud has been lifted. It resembles Salt in that it’s a dark, square ore, but larger. Found mostly in Shrouded areas, you can mine small veins right along the road.

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There’s one area that I repeatedly go to for Tin Ore. It’s the southeast of Pikemead’s Reach along the cliff wall. You can follow a path from the Shanty Shacks exit of the reach to get there. Be careful as it goes right along Deadly Shroud if you haven’t killed the Fell Wispwyvern.

Inside a cave, you’ll find large deposits of Tin Ore. It also connects you to the Mining Rift, which is a great location to farm the resource. While it’s in the Shroud, there’s a Return Sphere near the cave entrance with a Time Hourglass on the steps surrounding it.

Early tin ore map location near Pikemead's Reach.
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I mined here initially to craft better armor since I struggled against the wyvern due to low health. It allowed me to craft gear requiring Bronze, like the Guardian set. It takes longer to mine with the Copper Pickaxe. For more efficient expeditions into the Shroud, you need to upgrade it to a Bronze Pickaxe as soon as you can.

What is Tin Ore Used for in Enshrouded?

You use Tin Ore to craft Tin Bars at the Blacksmith’s Smelter. One bar requires x20 Tin Ore along with Charcoal and Wood Acid. Three Tin Bars make 10 Bronze Bars when combined with Copper Bars. It’s also used to craft Eternal Chain Heal at the Alchemist.

That’s how to get and use Tin Ore in Enshrouded. You’ll need large quantities to supply your base or team with Bronze. For more resource locations, how to quickly gain EXP, or how to free the Alchemist, mine your way to our guides vault.

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