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How to Go Into Third-Person Mode in Nightingale

Changing point of view can make all the difference when playing Nightingale.

I’m the type of person who enjoys playing games from the third-person point of view. Not only is it easier on my eyes, but I’m able to see more of the world, puzzle obstacles, and attacking enemies. If you’re like me, this is how to go into third-person mode in Nightingale.

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How to Switch to Third-Person Mode in Nightingale

When it comes to survival games, being able to see the environment around you can be an asset. While I don’t get motion sickness in these games when in first person, I also don’t feel as well prepared for attacks. Being able to play in the third person drastically impacts whether I will enjoy the game — and how long my character stays alive.

Unlike other games where you can easily switch between first and third person with the click of a button or scroll of the mouse, Nightingale requires you to head into the game settings.

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Where to Find Third Person Mode in Nightingale

Press the Esc button to bring up the Settings Menu. Then, select the Video tab. Click the checkbox next to Enable Third-Person View (Experimental) and Apply the change at the bottom.

Pop out of the menu and see how you like your field of vision. When I first switched, I noticed I had a very small Field of View (FoV), as if I was walking a couple of steps behind my character. If you’d prefer a larger FoV, return to the Video tab in Settings and increase the Third Person FoV by moving the slider to the right. I have mine at 110, which is the max.

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I’ve played in this mode since starting the game and have found no real issues with it, though it’s labeled experimental. The only slight downside is the cursor sometimes doesn’t line up with an item when I go to pick it up. This can make resource collection harder, but not impossible.

That’s how to get into third-person mode in Nightingale. For more on surviving the Realms, such as moving your Estate Cairn or how to increase Stamina, portal over to our guide vault.

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