Sometimes catching shinies isn't the best method for some people

How to hatch a shiny Pokemon as quickly as possible

Sometimes catching shinies isn't the best method for some people
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Last time, I talked about many different ways that you can catch a Shiny Pokemon, but some people like to hatch shinies to get the exact Pokemon that they want. Today I will be telling you the fastest method for breeding, collecting eggs, and hatching them to get your shiny is the shortest amount of time.

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Please note that this guide is not about IVs, it is about how to hatch a shiny as quickly as possible. This guide was made using knowledge from Pokemon X and Y and some parts may not apply to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Find the perfect Pokemon to breed

The best way to hatch a shiny is by using the Masuda method. The Masuda method is when you take a Pokemon from your country and breed it with a Pokemon from another country. This method increases your chance of getting a shiny. Most people go for foreign Dittos since they can breed with any Pokemon. Try Wonder Trade or put a message in your online profile that says that you’re searching for a Pokemon from another country.

If you ever want a shiny and don’t know what to breed or don’t have any good Pokemon, check Wonder Trade, “professional shiny hatchers” usually dump their rejects into Wonder Trade in hope for something new to breed.

Collect the eggs

The best way to collect eggs is by collecting one, taking it inside to the daycare PC and putting it into a box. After that, you must exit the building and ride around on your bike until another egg is ready. I recommend collecting 2-3 boxes of eggs before you try to hatch them all.

Hatch the eggs

Now that you have a few boxes of eggs it’s time to hatch them! The best way to hatch as many as possible is to have a Fletchinder or Talonflame that knows fly and the ability Flame Body. Flame Body helps all eggs in your party hatch faster and will help speed up the process. Fill the rest of your party with eggs and fly to Lumiose City and go to the tower. The area is in a perfect circle so you can go around and around and hatch your eggs. If you don’t want to watch the process go by you can take tape or a penny and slide it under your circle pad to make the your character go around in circles for you, just be careful with that penny. 

This trick also works with leveling Pokemon in the daycare.

how to hatch shiny pokemon quickly

After the eggs hatch you can go swap them out with new eggs until you get your shiny! Please note that it takes time for a shiny. Some people get one in less than 100 eggs and some hatch over 500 before they got their shiny.

Just be patient and follow these steps and you should have your shiny in no time.

Happy hatching!

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