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How to Increase Jade Slots in Nine Sols

Here's how to increase your Jade slot capacity in Nine Sols.

Different Jade upgrade combinations are the customizable passive ability system in Nine Sols. That said, to create more advanced combinations, you’ll need to increase your Jade capacity. Here’s how to increase Jade slots in Nine Sols.

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How to Increase Jade Capacity in Nine Sols

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To increase Jade slot capacity in Nine Sols, you’ll need Computing Units, which can be found or bought from various merchants. In fact, I found my first Computing Unit from Chiyou, a merchant you can reach by taking the elevator on the far left of the Central Transport Hub. After taking the elevator, head right. You’ll eventually jump across some moving platforms, and by the second Root Note you come across, you can also find Chiyou.

He’ll sell you one Computing Unit for 1000 Jin, which will allow you to equip a 1-cost and a 2-cost Jade Stone at the same time. If you don’t have 1000 Jin now but have some Jin consumables you can recycle, you can use that Root Node nearby to fast-travel to the hub area and use the 3D recycle machine. As for more Jade slots, you can buy more Computing Units later and keep increasing your capacity. I found that 4 Jade slots is a notable power-spike since most of the powerful early to mid-game Jade Stones cost 2 slots.

Speaking of which, while you’re at Chiyou, he’ll also sell you some neat Jade Stones. My favorite is the Quick Dose Jade for faster medicine pipes, which is crucial in a fast-paced game like Nine Sols. From here, you can use the Root Node next to Chiyou to travel back and forth to the hub to prepare for the upcoming boss fight.

That’s it for my guide on how to increase Jade slots in Nine Sols. For more Nine Sols guides, check out how to open the secret chest in Central Transport Hub.

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