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How to Increase Your Grand Company Rank in FFXIV

Unlock perks like player housing by ranking up in your Grand Company!

There are quite a few ranks you climb through in your Grand Company if you want to unlock perks like player housing. However, the ranking system and promotions might seem confusing if you aren’t used to them. So, here’s how to increase your Grand Company rank in FFXIV.

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FFXIV: How to Increase Your Grand Company Rank

Every promotion in your Grand Company has requirements you complete before going to your company’s Personnel Officer and choosing “Apply for a promotion.” Early ranks only require Company Seals, but as you go higher, you need to meet more requirements. Then, once each requirement is met, head to the city-state associated with your company (Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah) and go to the command center to find the Personnel Officer.

How to Earn Company Seals

There are a few ways to gather Company Seals. Completing your Hunting Log rewards a nice chunk, and it’s required for some promotions. Otherwise, your options are completing Supply and Provision deliveries, donating rare gear, completing Grand Company Leves, and participating in FATEs. I got most of my seals through FATEs and donating gear. Specifically, the gear you donate will be the pink items you sometimes pick up in dungeons. If it’s pink, you can donate it to your Grand Company for seals.

All Ranks and Their Promotion Requirements

In order from lowest to highest, here are all the Grand Company ranks and the requirements needed for their promotion.

  • Private Third Class: 2,000 Seals
  • Private Second Class: 3,000 Seals
  • Private First Class: 4,000 Seals
  • Corporal: 5,000 Seals
  • Sergeant Third Class: 6,000 Seals and Company Hunting Log Rank 1 Completed
  • Sergeant Second Class: 7,000 Seals
  • Sergeant First Class: 8,000 Seals
  • Chief Sergeant: 9,000 Seals and “Shadows Uncast” Quest Completed
  • Second Lieutenant: 10,000 Seals, Company Hunting Log Rank 2 Completed, “Gilding the Bilious” Quest Completed
  • First Lieutenant: Rank 3 Adventurer Squadron Attained
  • Captain: 5 Unique Squadron Missions Completed and “Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike” Squadron Mission Completed

And that’s how to increase your Grand Company rank in FFXIV. Right now, there aren’t ranks above Captain available, but I hope that system is expanded on in the future. From here, check out our FFXIV guide hub for more topics like all Jobs ranked by difficulty or how to switch classes.

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