The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Level Up Skills and Perks

Create even stronger killers and more resourceful victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by knowing how to level up skills and perks.

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While taking its own spin on asymmetrical horror, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre still features character-specific abilities and perks that can fit different playstyles. This is a convention most will be familiar with, even if they haven’t played any asymmetrical titles. Despite being a universally understood concept, the systems differ from game to game (this isn’t the same as Dead by Daylight, for example). Here’s how to level up skills and perks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Level Up Skills and Perks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Ability and perk progress is tied to overall match performance. Experience points are granted for every action that either contributes to the team or that ties to that character’s unique abilities.

How to Level Up Skills and Perks Detailed

For example, poisoning objects, such as healing bottles or traps, grants experience points when playing as Sissy. More general match XP as a family member includes actions such as locking doors, killing victims, or feeding grandpa.

All of these actions are added together at the end of the match to grant your total match XP. The total match experience points are evenly distributed across your ability and the three currently equipped perks. Gaining 400 total match experience points grants 100 experience points to the currently equipped perks and unique character ability.

You don’t need to perform specific actions relevant to that ability to level it up. The “well trained” perk highlights all scrap and unlocks tools within 25 meters after dropping down a well. You don’t need to drop down wells and collect said items to progress with that perk. While leveling takes place automatically for perks, the character-specific abilities won’t net you an advantage unless you specifically select a branch from the ability tree at that tier.

That’s how you level up skills and perks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. With that in mind, escaping the family or wiping out all the victims will become that much easier. If you want to learn about how the game’s crossplay works, check out our guide to cross-platform multiplayer in TCM.

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