Here's some tips and tricks to level your Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's up and coming MOBA, account to 30 as fast as you can.

How to Level Your Account Quickly in Heroes of the Storm

Here's some tips and tricks to level your Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's up and coming MOBA, account to 30 as fast as you can.
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One of the most revered game developers, Blizzard Entertainment, is almost ready to release its exciting, new MOBA– Heroes of the Storm.

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Players in the beta have already been following the game’s progression, and as time goes on, excitement for the grand unveiling of the game grows higher. 

In the latest few patches, Blizzard has revealed many different game modes for players who have been granted early access, but since you must be level 30 to participate in the ranked ladder (Hero League), it’s safe to assume that leveling your account is a beginning player’s main concern. 

The XP you’ll need to gain per level is listed in the chart below:

Player Level XP to Next Level Remaing XP to Level 40
1 25000 33400000
2 75000 33375000
3 100000 33300000
4 100000 33200000
5 200000 33100000
6 300000 32900000
7 400000 32600000
8 500000 32200000
9 600000 31700000
10 700000 31100000
11 700000 30400000
12 700000 29700000
13 750000 29000000
14 750000 28250000
15 750000 27500000
16 800000 26750000
17 800000 25950000
18 800000 25150000
19 900000 24350000
20 950000 23450000
21 1000000 22500000
22 1000000 21500000
23 1000000 20500000
24 1100000 19500000
25 1100000 18400000
26 1200000 17300000
27 1200000 16100000
28 1200000 14900000
29 1200000 13700000
30 1200000 12500000
31 1200000 11300000
32 1200000 10100000
33 1200000 8900000
34 1200000 7700000
35 1300000 6500000
36 1300000 5200000
37 1300000 3900000
38 1300000 2600000
39 1300000 1300000
40 🙂 🙂


If you’d like to gain levels as fast as you possibly can, there are a few different factors to be aware of while you battle your enemies in Heroes of the Storm.

Winning the Game

It’s important to note that winning Versus mode will grant you a flat 50,000 XP. Experience bonuses will add to this number, scaling with your in-game level.

Party XP Bonus

The first, and most effective, way to gain experience (XP) quickly is to party up with a friend who also plays Heroes of the Storm.

By playing in a group, you’ll be granted a 50% XP bonus after each game, whether you win or lose, which is a massive spike and definitely worth it.

How to Join A Party and Find People to Play With

For those players whose friends don’t have time, don’t have codes, or simply don’t play the game, there’s ways to bypass this road bump so that you are still in a party for the bonus.

The first is to see if anyone has queued up in the “Looking for Party” section of the home screen. If they haven’t you can do so yourself by clicking the check box directly under your portrait on the top right-hand side. 

The second is to meet other players either while playing the game or on forums such as Reddit, Gamer Launch, or Blizzard’s own dedicated HoTS forums. This way you’re guaranteed to have people to play with to earn the bonus. 


For those willing to pay actual money on the game, there are Stimpacks available for purchase in the store which increase the amount of Gold and XP you gain per match. 

There are two options available:

  • 7 Day Stimpack – $3.99
    • Increase the amount of XP per match by 100% and gold by 150%
  • 30 Day Stimpack – $9.99
    • Increase the amount of XP per match by 100% and gold by 150%

The 30 Day Stimpack is obviously the better deal of the two; however, there is a significant downside to purchasing either one. Stimpacks are not paused or extended for maintenance downtime.

This is something to consider before purchasing, as the game is still in beta and is taken down for maintenance at least once a week. 

Completing Objectives In-Game = More Experience

Many players first reaction to leveling quickly is to play as many games as possible as fast as possible. This is not the case in HoTS.

In Heroes of the Storm, the more you accomplish in the game the better, and that includes killing every neutral minion camp, taking every objective, and destroying every structure you possibly can. 

XP in-game helps you gain XP out of game

Experience earned out of the game is very different than the experience your character earns inside of the game. 

Like many other games in the MOBA genre, each game your character starts over at level 1, while outside of the game you’re leveling your account. Your account must be level 30 to play in the Hero League (ranked) and 40 for the Team League (team ranked).

That being said, there is a direct correlation between the XP you earn inside the game to the XP you’re rewarded to your account afterward. The more XP you earn during the game, the more your account gets when you finish.

The Underdog Bonus is REAL

Another important factor to note is that a come-from-behind victory will grant you more experience at the end of the game than just winning or giving up. 

Each enemy killed grants the team that’s behind extra XP based on how many levels behind they are, capping at 4 levels. 

In other words, the game is never over until it’s actually over and there’s no reason to flame your teammates, leave the game, or go AFK (away from keyboard) because you’re essentially hurting yourself in the long run. 

Don’t give up because you never know what may happen, you could always catch one of the opposing players out of position and push to win the game, meaning a fought-for victory and an XP bonus. So, less QQ and more pew pew.

The Longer the Game Goes On…

That being said, Blizzard has implemented even more incentive to always fight for the win as long as you can.

There is a direct correlation between the length of the game to the amount of XP rewarded at the end of the game.

Basically, if Blizzard believes you’re trying your very hardest to win, they’ll reward you with extra experience.

Do I Earn More XP in Hero League?

Nope! Playing Hero Mode will give players the exact same XP as playing Quick Match. Contrary to some concerned player’s beliefs, Hero Mode does grant XP and gold, but to see it you have to click the tab at the top of the screen.

All in All…

As one of the most important starting aspects of the game, leveling your account is a top priority when playing Heroes of the Storm. 

To level your account, you’ll need to gain as much XP as you can both in and outside of the game, as well as making sure to give every game your all.

The game is now in open beta, so to download the game either open your Battle Net client or go directly to the HoTS website.

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