How To Make A Gaming Website or Blog (GameSkinny is a Great Place to Start!)

We know you want to make it as gaming guru, so we've given you some tips on how to make your new site a successful one.

We know you want to make it as gaming guru, so we've given you some tips on how to make your new site a successful one.

We know that everyone wants to be the next big thing. Becoming a successful blogger is a painstaking process that requires almost the same amount of time and dedication as a full time job. Especially when you’re trying to blog in an industry that can be unforgiving and brutal.

If you’re looking to start your own blog or site dedicated to your gaming know-how, then take this; it’s dangerous to go alone.

Guide to Getting Started

Well, obviously, you need a place to post. There are a million and one options that are available to you. One is to host your own domain through domain companies that will give you your own web space (these are never free–ever). Free sites come in the form of WordPress or Blogger, which is accessible through your Google account, and other sites like them. These are all great options for people who are just starting out and don’t want to throw a lot of money here just yet. It may be a better idea to save that money for some great graphics for your blog, or even some overlays for your video reviews.

The act of blogging about video games is the easiest part. You write what you think about a certain game or what you hated about it. Giving your audience your opinion is not difficult, and chances are you’re already an expert on it. There’s only one key factor that the consumers want from you, and that’s honesty. Leave the bribery to the sleazy–give honest reviews that aren’t biased with the promise of free stuff. No matter what game it is.

Features of your gaming blog are really up to you–but some great ideas are exclusive content that only you have. For example, you could have absolutely hilarious reviews of a certain genre of games, or a weekly podcast that will draw an audience. Your blog needs to have things that are a reflection of you and your passions!

Not Ready for Your Own Blog?

Stick with us! We would love nothing more than to host some of your creative content–and there are a ton of reasons why you should share with us. How about some…

  • Free promotion of your content!
  • Write what you want, when you want. We won’t hold you to any crazy schedules to get readers.
  • There’s no setup required other than making an account and posting your articles through our submission system.
  • We’re all about whatever you’re all about–not too excited about writing? Post your podcasts and videos! We love all kinds of content.

Now that we’ve equipped you with the tools that will help you get your opinions and reviews out there, get to work! We want to see what you’ve got!

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