pirate recipe in infinite craft
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How to Make a Pirate in Infinite Craft

Here's the fastest guide on how to make a Pirate in Infinite Craft.

Pirate is one of the many recipes you can get from crafting a Human first. They’re easy to make once you have Humans and you can even make all sorts of Pirate-theme items once you have your first Pirate. Here’s how to make a Pirate in Infinite Craft.

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How to Craft Pirate in Infinite Craft

As I mentioned before, the simplest and quickest way to make a Pirate is to first make a Human. Skip this step if you have Human already. To make a Human:

  • Water and Fire make Steam.
  • Wind and Fire make Smoke.
  • Earth and Wind make Dust.
  • Earth and Steam make Mud.
  • Water and Smoke make Fog.
  • Earth and Dust make Planet.
  • Planet and Fog make Venus.
  • Venus and Mud make Adam.
  • Adam and Venus make Eve.
  • Adam and Even make Human.

Now all we have to do to make a Pirate is:

pirate recipe in infinite craft
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  • Combine Human and Smoke for Ghost.
  • Combine Ghost and Human for Zombie.
  • Combine Zombie and Fire for Skeleton.
  • Combine Skeleton and Water for Pirate.

And that’s how you make Pirate in the fastest way possible. Let’s see what we can make from Pirates.

What Can You Make From Pirate in Infinite Craft

As with all concepts, Pirate is a highly modular idea that can be used to get different concepts. Some of the most popular ones I found are:

  • Pirate and Pirate make Pirate Ship.
  • Pirate and Water make Ship.
  • Pirate Ship and Fire make Cannon.
  • Pirate and Ship make Captain.
  • Pirate and Wind make Sail.
  • Pirate and Earth make Treasure.
  • Pirate and Celebrity make Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Pirate and Skull make Jolly Roger.

Feel free to continue to experiment and make all sorts of Pirate-themed items.

That concludes how to make Pirate in Infinite Craft. For more Infinite Craft recipes, check out how to make Slime and America or even Fortnite and Anime. Combine Pirate and Anime for you know what.

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