How to make a ton of money in FIFA 16 Career Mode

A guide to turning your club into a financial behemoth.

A guide to turning your club into a financial behemoth.

Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. If you thought I was going to make a guide for making money in FIFA 16 without quoting Pink Floyd’s “Money,” you were mistaken.

This guide outlines ways you can make money including the Financial Takeover. Turning your club into a business more than a football club, you know, like Arsenal.

Financial Takeover

This straight out of the gate is the quickest way to make money, creating a story that your club was taken over by a consortium. You buy it from the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue.

Available at EA Sports Football Club level 10, 25 and 35 for 800, 3000 and 5,000FCC respectively.

Pre-season Tournaments

No matter what kind of team you manage, whether it be a financial powerhouse like PSG, or financially devoid Accrington Stanley, pre-season tournaments will give you an extra bump in available funds.

Obviously, always pick the tournament with the highest amount of winnings. Make sure you do well in the tournament, or you’ll get barely anything.

Player Training

With FIFA 16‘s Player Training in career mode, you can turn any youngster into an easy £10m. What you are looking for is a young player you can train in your club. A “promising player” symbol for a player is a great added bonus as they will grow quicker. By the end of the first season, they would have grown a lot and you can sell them for much higher than you could have otherwise.

FIFA 16 Promising Player

Train that “promising player” in as much as applies to their position. A goalkeeper will only benefit from the two goalkeeping training exercises. You could get away with training two different players to sell if training a goalkeeper.

Training resets every Sunday. Some weeks there will be a Sunday match, so just train your players on Monday. If your chosen player is on international duty, train him the day before the next club match day.

Buy, train, sell

If you don’t have players good for training at your club, buy someone who will be. There are players on the market that will grow quicker and have very high potentials. Youri Tielemans and Alen Halilovic are just two examples of players with a lot of potential.

There are a few websites that can show you which players have high potential and will grow a lot. I use UltraFIFA, also available to use are FUThead or SoFIFA.

I made a spreadsheet because I’m that guy because I want to be extra helpful. It outlines the players I purchased and trained, and how much I sold them for the following season. I did each of these myself. These are some examples of players you could get. One season can take up to 2 hours to complete simulating it all, so you know, this took awhile.

Player Potentials and Profit

Pre-contract agreements

When a player has 6 months left on their contract, you can pick them up for free. Right at the start of the season, add an instruction to your GTN to find first team players with contract criteria 0-1. Doing this is extremely useful come January.

In January, players will have 6 months left on their contract. At that point you can enter “pre-contract agreements” with said players. This allows you to purchase a player for free – bar their wages – he will then join your club at the start of next season. Then you can sell them for 100% profit as you bought them for £0.

Be careful this doesn’t happen to your players and keep your club’s contracts in order.

Offer? Counter that offer!

Whenever you get an offer for a player you don’t mind selling, always counter it. Add some more 0s on that figure, add an extra 10mil. Always go a bit higher than what your chief executive advises you.

Sometimes a team will come back from a crazy counter offer you gave them and say “we’ll match that”. Or they will come back and say, “well, not that much but we’ll give you a bit more than we offered.” Either way it’s extra money, and that’s a gas!

Spend wisely

In FIFA’s Career Mode, there is always a temptation to spend all of your money because, as George Mallory (look him up) would say “because it’s there”.

FIFA 16 is a lot harsher when it comes to its player contracts. Players will ask for higher wages a lot more, sometimes double what they make now. If you have no money left for their wages, it all goes downhill from there and the club could sell them for a pittance. In FIFA 16, a percentage of leftover budget from a season rolls onto the next.

A guide to turning your club into a financial behemoth.

How to make a ton of money in FIFA 16 Career Mode

A guide to turning your club into a financial behemoth.

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