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How to Make First Discoveries in Infinite Craft

Discover a combination before anyone else does with First Discoveries in Infinite Craft!

Infinite Craft has a nearly infinite number of discoveries and combinations to make. Not only is it fun to see what you can create, but you can get an achievement for discovering something brand new. Here’s how to make First Discoveries in Infinite Craft. 

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What do First Discoveries Mean in Infinite Craft? How to Be the First to Find a Combination

Before we get started, what exactly is a First Discovery in Infinite Craft? As mentioned before, there’s a nearly infinite number of possibilities in what you can create. If you’re the first person to make something new, you’ll be rewarded with the First Discovery achievement. 

You’ll only get this achievement if no one else has made that discovery online. If it’s the first time you discover a creation but someone else has already made it, you won’t get the achievement. Think of it like a World First in World of Warcraft. For instance, I managed to mix Postgraduate with Scrooge and got Post-Scrooge, which is paired with an icon of an older gentleman and permanently labeled as my First Discovery.

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How to Find More First Discoveries in Infinite Craft

Combine Completely Unrelated Items

Making a First Discovery in Infinite Craft gets increasingly difficult as players continue to play and make new combinations. At this point, the best way to get a First Discovery is to think outside the box. Most common combinations have already been discovered, but you never know what you can find by mixing two completely unrelated items together.

When it comes down to it, you’ll have to be creative. The longer I’ve played, the more I try to get weird and wacky with my combinations. I attempt to put items together that don’t correlate to each other to see what I get. Sometimes, it leads to something new, while other times, it gives me a duplicate. Or they just don’t mix and it’s back to the drawing board.

Combine Big Numbers and Large Sums of Money

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The quickest way I’ve found to get more First Discoveries is by combining significant amounts of dollars, which will also work if you have any number items on your list. Some of my First Discoveries include 3,674 and 3,834 Dollars. And I could continue combining them with other amounts, leading to more First Discoveries. It’s not the most interesting or funny type of item to uncover. But you can still take pride in being the first one to get it.

That’s how to make First Discoveries in Infinite Craft. Be patient and keep trying. If you want that First Discovery achievement, you’ll have to grind it out before someone else does! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub for topics like how to make America and how to make humans

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