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How to Make Holy Water in Infinite Craft

Vampires, ghosts, demons, oh my! Holy Water will do the trick to ward off those monsters and help you craft many other holy items. Here's how to conjure some up.

Start down the path of holiness in Infinite Craft by crafting some Holy Water. It’s a great place to start crafting many religious and ‘holy’ items to add to your collection. The best part is that it only takes a few steps, so here’s how to make Holy Water in Infinite Craft.

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How to Get Holy Water in Infinite Craft

They say that Jesus turned water into wine, and funnily enough, combining Water + Wine is precisely how you can create some Holy Water in Infinite Craft. You start with Water immediately, but creating Wine will require a few more steps. We have a way to get you there as soon as possible.

How to make Wine in Infinite Craft

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + Water = Wine

Once you have Wine, you can mix it with Water to create your Holy Water.

All Recipes That Require Holy Water

While you won’t exactly be putting it to use to cast out demons or banish vampires, you can use it to add a lot more items to your collection. It can help you unlock a bunch more religious-themed items, like Priest, Baptism, Angel, and so much more. Here are a few ideas for you to get started:

  • Holy Water + Fire = Vampire
  • Holy Water + Wind = Angel
  • Holy Water + Earth = Dirt
  • Holy Water + Baby = Priest
  • Holy Water + Priest = Exorcist
  • Holy Water + Vampire = Dust
  • Holy Water + Ghost = Vapor
  • Holy Water + Family = Baptism
  • Holy Water + Lake = Loch Ness Monster
  • Holy Water + Town = Church
  • Holy Water + Universe = God
  • Holy Water + Paradox = Jesus
  • Holy Water + Storm = Rainbow
  • Holy Water + Rainbow = Unicorn
  • Holy Water + River = Jordan
  • Holy Water + Wood = Cross
  • Holy Water + City = Vatican
  • Holy Water + Desert = Mirage

This is just a brief look at all the creations you can make using Holy Water, but there are still plenty more to uncover. Keep mixing it with all the items you have unlocked, and you can continue making new discoveries.

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