Learn how to make a rose hip tea in the new updated version of The Long Dark.

How to Make Rose Hip Tea in The Long Dark

Learn how to make a rose hip tea in the new updated version of The Long Dark.

The latest update for The Long Dark not only introduced a brand new Story mode, but also added a few changes to the game mechanics. For example, now you can’t just use rose hips to make a tea, but you must prepare them first before cooking.

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If you can’t figure out how to prepare the rose hip tea in The Long Dark so that you will be able to cure your wounds, this short guide will give you the rundown of all the steps you need to take. 

Making The Rose Hip Tea in The Long Dark

Step 1: Collect Rose Hips

Rose hips grow on rose hip bushes, which can be found around shelters or near cliffs. You need to find three bushes that will provide you with the 24 rose hips required for making the tea. Each bush drops 8 rose hips.

You cannot consume the rose hips, and you cannot make tea from raw rose hips either. But if you do everything right, then you can consume the rose hip tea as an alternative for painkillers or as a source of calories and hydration.

Step 2: Cooking Rose Hip Tea

As soon as you have the required number of rose hips, open your backpack menu, and click on the crafting tab. You will see a list of blueprints among which you will find the rose hips that you have just collected.

Choose them and press the “Begin Crafting” button in the bottom right corner. Your regular rose hips will turn into “Prepared Rose Hips.” After that you can start cooking the rose hip tea.

You will also need 0.25 liters of water and a source of fire, such as a campfire or a fireplace inside a building. When the fire is ready, choose the food tab and boil your prepared rose hips in the water for 10 minutes.

As a result, your rose hip tea will be ready for consumption. Use it to heal wounds, warm yourself up, and add some calories to your daily nutrition plan.

That wraps up this guide! If you’re completely new to the game, then check out the rest of our guides for The Long Dark to make sure you survive the harsh winter nights:

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