infinite craft recipe for rpg
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How to Make RPG in Infinite Craft

Here's how to make RPG in Infinite Craft in the fastest way possible.

One of the most popular and easiest video game genres you can make in Infinite Craft is roleplaying games. This is such a useful element to have since you can make various other games by combining RPG with other elements. Here’s how to make RPG in Infinite Craft.

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How to Get RPG in Infinite Craft

I crafted RPG in Infinite Craft using System and Final Fantasy. It only took me 19 steps to make, and it was a pretty simple and intuitive recipe. Furthermore, both of these elements, along with RPG itself, are incredibly useful later on for other advanced recipes. Without further ado, let’s start by crafting System first, the Final Fantasy, and combining them at the end.

infinite craft recipe for rpg
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How to Make System in Infinite Craft

You can get System in just a few steps like this:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust.
  • Dust + Earth = Planet.
  • Fire + Planet = Sun.
  • Fire + Sun = Solar.
  • Planet + Solar = System.

Besides RPG, you can use System to make a Computer for other recipes by combining it with Fire.

How to Make Final Fantasy in Infinite Craft

I made Final Fantasy by combining Japan and the popular creature from the series Bahamut. It can be done easily in just 15 steps like this:

  • Fire + Fire = Volcano.
  • Water + Water = Lake.
  • Lake + Volcano = Island.
  • Earth + Earth = Mountain.
  • Island + Island = Continent.
  • Continent + Mountain = Asia.
  • Asia + Island = Japan.
  • Earth + Water = Plant.
  • Plant + Water = Swamp.
  • Fire + Swamp = Dragon.
  • Dragon + Water = Sea Serpent.
  • Sea Serpent + Sea Serpent = Leviathan.
  • Dragon + Leviathan = Tiamat.
  • Dragon + Tiamat = Bahamut.
  • Bahamut + Japan = Final Fantasy.
  • Final Fantasy + System = RPG.

And finally, combine Final Fantasy and System for RPG. As we mentioned, System, FF, and RPG are all useful elements for other recipes as well. Let’s see what we can make using RPG.

RPG Crafting Recipe in Infinite Craft

Here are some RPG combinations I found:

  • RPG + Dice = Dungeons and Dragons.
  • RPG + Dragon = Dragon Quest.
  • RPG + Human = Hero.
  • RPG + Planet = Star Wars.
  • RPG + Hades = Diablo.
  • RPG + Underwolrd = Dungeon.
  • RPG + Love = Dating Simulator.
  • RPG + Infinity = Infinity Blade.
  • RPG + Inferno = Fire Emblem.
  • RPG + Longsword = Sword Art Online.
  • RPG + Dragonborn (Human + Dragon) = Skyrim.
  • RPG + Skyrim = Elder Scrolls.
  • RPG + Final Fantasy = Chrono Trigger.

Those are just some popular combinations I found with RPG, but feel free to experiment and discover more roleplaying games. That concludes my guide on how to make RPG in Infinite Craft. For more Infinite Craft recipes, check out how to make Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate 3 or Counter-Strike.

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