Harley quinn and suicide squad in infinite craft.
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How to Make Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn in Infinite Craft

Find out how to get Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn in Infinite Craft here.

Infinite Craft lets you make nearly anything. You can combine random items to make DC franchise favorites like the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn. However, it can be tricky knowing the best path to get them. Find out how to make Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn in Infinite Craft here.

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How to Craft Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn in Infinite Craft

While there are dozens of permutations to make most combinations in Infinite Craft, some ways of crafting things like animals, colors, and pop culture staples like SpongeBob and Futurama are easier than others. I found the quickest way to make the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn in the game.

How to Make Harley Quinn

  • Joker + Love = Harley Quinn.

How to Make Love

  • Fire + Wind = Smoke.
  • Smoke + Smoke = Cloud.
  • Cloud + Water = Rain.
  • Water + Earth = Plant.
  • Rain + Plant = Flower.
  • Flower + Smoke = Incense.
  • Smoke + Incense = Prayer.
  • Rain + Fire = Rainbow.
  • Rainbow + Prayer = Angel.
  • Smoke + Angel = Devil.
  • Devil + Angel = Human.
  • Human + Angel = Cupid.
  • Cupid + Cupid = Heart.
  • Heart + Heart = Love.

How to Make Suicide Squad

Suicide squad ingredients in Infinite Craft.
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What are Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad Used For?

Once you’ve crafted Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad, you can discover plenty more recipes like Poison Ivy and Harley Davidson. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve come across.

  • Suicide Squad + Earth = Poison Ivy.
  • Suicide Squad + Divorce = Harley Davidson.
  • Suicide Squad + Super Friends = Justice League.
  • Suicide Squad + Metropolis = Gotham City.
  • Suicide Squad + Peace = Deadpool.
  • Suicide Squad + Vote = Trump.
  • Suicide Squad + Twilight = Suicide by Twilight.
  • Suicide Squad + Dionysus = Party.
  • Suicide Squad + Windmill = Don Quixote.
  • Suicide Squad + Ponzi = Bernie Madoff.
  • Suicide Squad + Charizard = Charlize Theron.
  • Suicide Squad + Kite = Deadshot.
  • Harley Quinn + Temple = Tomb Raider.
  • Harley Quinn + Fame = Joker.
  • Harley Quinn + Super Friends = Batman.
  • Harley Quinn + Lasso = Wonder Woman.
  • Harley Quinn + Grim Reaper = Death.
  • Harley Quinn + Satan = Harley Sinn.
  • Harley Quinn + Vote = Election.
  • Harley Quinn + UFO = Alien.
  • Harley Quinn + Vase = Poseidon.
  • Harley Quinn + Groot = Grootley Quinn.
  • Harley Quinn + Neon Genesis Evangelion = Harley Quinn: The Animated Series.

That’s how to make Harley Quinn, the Suicide Squad, and more in Infinite Craft. There’s still plenty more to discover when it comes to the DC Universe and other favorites. For more crafting recipes, check out our growing guides hub.

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