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How to Make Video Game in Infinite Craft

Find out how to make Video Game in Infinite Craft here.

Infinite Craft has endless recipes, and knowing how to make a Game will unlock many more for you to discover. However, knowing the exact path to get there is tricky. Find out how to make video Game in Infinite Craft here.

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How to Make Video Game in Infinite Craft

I’ve been clicking and crafting my heart out on Infinite Craft, and discovering how to make a Game was one of my favorites. It can seem impossible to get there when you start off with only a few basic elements. I’ve got the quickest way to make a Game in Infinite Craft detailed for you below.

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Steam + Earth = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick
    • Double click Brick to duplicate and save one for later.
  • Brick + Mud = Adobe
    • Set Adobe aside for the next portion.
  • Brick + Steam = Steam Engine
  • Steam Engine + Water = Steamboat
  • Steamboat + Adobe = Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flash + Steam = Game
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What’s Video Game Used for in Infinite Craft?

Once you’ve got Game, you’ve got tons more discoveries to make. Since you got here, you’ll surely want to click away and potentially discover some of your favorite video games hidden in the world of Infinite Craft. To get you started, I’ve got some of my favorite Game recipes listed for you below.

  • Game + Steam = Steam Game
  • Game + Water = Fish
  • Game + Fish = Fishing
  • Game + Dragonborn = Skyrim
  • Game + Skyrim = Mod
  • Game + Mod = Hack
  • Game + Devil = Diablo
  • Game + Human = Player
  • Game + Family = Monopoly
  • Game + Retro = Arcade
  • Game + Arcade = Pacman
  • Game + Evolution = Pokemon
  • Game + Pokemon = Pokemon Go
  • Game + Fire = Fireball
  • Game + Earth = Football
  • Game + God = Religion
  • Game + Religion = Crusade
  • Game + Perfume = Fashion
  • Game + Princess = Mario
  • Game + History = Civilization
  • Game + Civilization = Civ
  • Game + Hysteria = Frenzy
  • Game + Joker = Poker
  • Game + Big Bang = Minecraft
  • Game + Batman = Arkham
  • Game + TikTok Influencer = Fortnite
  • Game + Graffiti = Vandalism
  • Game + Spy = Espionage
  • Game + Reality = Virtual Reality

That’s how to make video Game in Infinite Craft. For more crafting recipes, check out our growing guides hub. We’ve got plenty to discover, like how to make Human and how to make the Dark Lords of the Sith from Star Wars.

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