How do you best maximize your PC settings for GTA V.

How to Maximize Your Framerate in GTA 5 PC

How do you best maximize your PC settings for GTA V.

GTA V is now out for the PC, and as with all PC titles there are ways that you can best maximize your framerate. Not everyone can run Rockstar’s latest game on Ultra settings, so what do you do best enjoy what GTA V brings to the table. 

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Redditor RUFiO006 has some great advice on how he best optimized his play through of GTA V on the PC. Some of his tips include: 

  • Turn down “Grass Quality” from Ultra down to Very High. In rural areas, where there is a lot of grass, the Grass Quality setting can wreak havoc on your framerate. 
  • Turn down “Extended Distance Scaling,” “High Resolution Shadows,” and “Extended Shadows Distance.” Depending on your overall performance, you can drop these down to minimum. 
  • Use FXAA instead of MSAA, less costly and overall not a lot of difference in appearance. (If you want to keep 2X MSAA, you can drop “Shadow Quality” down to High, but you’ll lose shadow texture. RUFiO006 and Redditor Cuboix do point out that it’s personal preference between slightly jagged edges vs. sharp shadows)

Specific Issues for GTA V Framerate

Several users also point to issues with menus stuttering, as well as slow renders will driving. This can be fixed by enabling vsync. 

If heavy populations or high traffic are making your framerate stutter, some users are suggesting turning Distance Scaling Slider all the way down. 

Framerate has also been noted to drop outside of the city, wherever there are long distances that the game has to register such as freeways and on the beach (and probably the aforementioned grass quality has something to do with it).

What are your specs for running GTA V on PC? How is your framerate?  

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