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How to Mod Weapons in Soulmask (& Best Weapon Mods)

Improve your weapons further with weapon mods!

The combat in Soulmask is no easy challenge. Equipping the best weapons will help you defeat your enemies, but you can also equip weapon mods to make them even more powerful. There are several kinds of weapon mods you can make, each with a different effect. Here’s how to make and use them.

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How to Make and Equip Weapon Mods in Soulmask

You can start crafting mods as soon as you unlock the Medium Craftsmanship tech in your Knowledge & Technology menu. These are basic selections of mods you can use on your weapons, but you can gain even more advanced mods in the Advanced Craftsmanship later on.

To begin making these mods, you’ll want to have a Craftsman’s Bench placed at your camp. You can craft in manually through your inventory with the following materials:

  • Rough Leather x5
  • Leather Rope x5
  • Hardwood Plank x5
  • Stone or Flint x24

From this crafting bench, you’ll find all the mods for your weapons after you unlock their tech. Just open the table by pressing E, and then press the ‘other’ category toggle at the top (or search ‘mod’) and all your unlocked options will display. If you have the right ingredients for them, they will be lit up for you to start crafting.

Once your mods are made, make sure to take them from the bench’s inventory. This way, you’ll have it in your own inventory. Then, drag the mod onto any weapon in your inventory (the only exceptions are bows and arrows). Once you drag the mod down onto the weapon, it will automatically apply.

When you hover over the weapon with the applied mod, you’ll see its effects, as well as the little icon of the mod on the weapon. It will remain on the weapon unless it breaks or you repair it. Keep in mind that you can only apply one mod to a weapon at a time. If you drag another mod to the weapon, the other one will be lost.

All Weapon Mod Recipes & Effects

There are plenty of weapon mods to choose from, each with different varying effects. If you aren’t sure which one you want to be using, we have a list of all of them and how to make them right here.

If you’re looking for the best and most powerful mods, I would recommend using:

  • Bleeding Mod 2
  • Coma Mod 2
  • Damage Mod 2

These mods are the best because they have longer effects and will deal more damage to the enemy when they are hit with it. They also require more advanced technology before you can start making them. If you can’t make these ones right away, you can start out with the less potent of the mods and work your way up.

Here’s a list of all mods and how to make them:

Weapon ModsEffectsHow to Make
Weapon & Tool Durability Mod 1Lowers durability loss
(Durability Cost Speed Down: 20%)
Water Consumption x2
Coarse Cotton x1
Damage Mod 1Boosts damage
(Weapon DMG: 5)
Deerskin x1
Yarn x2
Paralysis Mod 1Raises chances to deal Paralysis damage
(Paralysis DMG: 2)
Water Consumption x5
Herb x5
Weapon & Tool Durability 2Lowers durability loss
(Durability Cost Speed Down: 40%)
Talc x2
Damage Mod 2Boosts damage
(Weapon Damage: 10)
Silica Sand x2
Tree Bark x2
Paralysis Mod 2Raises chances to deal Paralysis damage
(Paralysis DMG: 5)
Purified Poison x2
Herb x5
Coma Mod 1Boosts Coma damage
(Coma DMG: 2)
Tobacco x1
Herb x2
Bone Powder x5
Coma Mod 2Boosts Coma damage
(Coma DMG: 5)
Green Crystal x1
Sunstone x1
Bleeding Mod 1Raises chances to deal Bleeding damage
(Bleeding DMG: 2)
Bronze Ingot x2
Bleeding Mod 2Raises chances to deal Bleeding damage
(Bleeding DMG: 5)
Iron Ingot x5

Be very careful when applying mods. You’ll want to apply them when your weapon is fully repaired and ready to go. Plus, on the weapon you’ll use most often. Once you apply a mod, you won’t be able to take it back off, but it will make your weapons way more effective in battle!

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