How to Mute Players in GTA 5 Online

Here's how to mute anyone in GTA Online.

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Maybe you want to chill in a GTA Online lobby without hearing randoms. Maybe a particular player is annoying you, or you need to hear something happening around you. Whatever the case, you can mute players in GTAO with just a few button presses and a will to silence. We’ll go into two different methods to mute everyone or just individuals once you’ve hopped online. At times, it may be preferable to hopping sessions.

How to Silence Other Players in GTA Online

  • You can mute individual players via the Online menu.
  • Alternatively, players can be muted en masse via the Interaction menu.

Either option is very easy, but the following are the exact steps if you’ve never had to do it before.

How to Mute Individual Players

You have to use the Online menu to silence specific players.

  1. Select Online.
  2. Select Players.
  3. Select and confirm the player you’d like to mute to open the player-specific context menu.
  4. Choose Toggle mute.

How to Mute All Players in a Session

If you thought muting just one person was easy, you may be surprised to find that muting everyone in a session is even easier. Just it’s done a little differently and doesn’t use the Online menu. Instead, you’ll be making use of the Interaction menu, where you call for your vehicle and start your own business or motorcycle club.

  • Open the Interaction menu.
  • Scroll down to Voice Chat.
  • Press left or right and select “No-one” then exit the menu.
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This will mute everyone in a session and save you the hassle of listening to them, which is my personal preference when in public lobbies.

Now you know how to mute your friends, your enemies, and just about anybody because you feel like it. Who knows! Check out our other GTA 5 Online guides for more help with the game.

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