Hunt down barrels, doors, sandbags and more in Call of Duty WW2's hilarious new Prop Hunt mode!

How to Play Prop Hunt in CoD WW2 Resistance DLC

Hunt down barrels, doors, sandbags and more in Call of Duty WW2's hilarious new Prop Hunt mode!

Keeping the multiplayer community alive and well is always a struggle with yearly franchises, but Call Of Duty: WWII just gave players a big reason to keep logging back in during the free Resistance event — a Prop Hunt!

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Originally arriving with the remastered Modern Warfare, this is only the second time an official Prop Hunt has been available straight from the devs in Call Of Duty history (rather than as a mod from players). 

Sadly, at the moment, this tongue-in-cheek mode is set to be a limited time addition that ends when the Resistance event shuts down next month. Worst of all, it won’t even be available for the entire duration of the event!

Prop Hunt playlists are only currently slated to be available the first week of the new event, as well as the final week of February 20-27. Everybody should get in the forums and demand it stay, though, because this is the most fun Call Of Duty has offered up in a multiplayer mode since the addition of zombie mode!

Call Of Duty WW2 Prop Hunt Basics

So, how does Prop Hunt work? Everyone on the first team is changed from a 1940s solder into a random object of varying size and has a limited time to set themselves up in a stealthy location (and you thought being a bush in Fortnite was as wacky as it could get!).

During this prop setup time, the second team is blindfolded and can run around but can’t see anything. There’s a fun mini-game to get into the center of the map by moving up first, but it doesn’t offer any bonuses if you win.

    Masquerading as sandbag cover in Prop Hunt mode (thanks to MarleyThirteen for the screenshot)

After the blindfold period ends, the opposing team has to figure out what’s a real, in-game object and what’s a secret player masquerading as an object.

XP is earned every few seconds you remain undetected as a prop — with a bonus for picking a bigger prop model — or whenever you hit a prop as the opposing team.

There was an absolutely massive XP boost for killing props or staying alive as a telephone booth that was letting people level every single match, but it was quickly patched out (RIP).

CoD WW2 Prop Hunt Strategy

Having a strong knowledge of the map layout is a big help in Prop Hunt, as well as knowing what types of objects are typically found in any given area. Blood will pop out of items when you shoot them if they are a player, and any movement is likely to be a player since there are fewer human characters running around.

As a prop, it works best to set yourself next to similar items so you don’t look out of place, or if you are a smaller item, be sure set yourself in an out-of-the-way location.

Looking inconspicuous is the name of the game here. A bucket in the corner near a door is frequently going to be overlooked. A giant bookshelf out in the middle of the road will get shot quickly, on the other hand.

Prop characters aren’t stuck in one spot either — you can move if you are spotted, and even transform into a different object if you find a better hiding spot and then drop up to 3 decoy props of yourself to lead players off your trail while running away.

 Dropping door decoys to lead players in the wrong direction (thanks to PrestigeIsKey for the screenshot)

Got any other Prop Hunt tips and tricks we should try out? Let us know in the comments! The free Call Of Duty WWII Resistance event lasts until February 27, with a full paid DLC also titled The Resistance slated to arrive on January 30.

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