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How to Play Wuthering Waves (Best Platform)

Available on mobile and PC at launch, how can you play Wuthering Waves and which platform should you use?

Like other gacha games, you have a few options for which platform you can play Wuthering Waves on. As of writing this, it’s available for PC, iOS, Android, and Mac, but that list could get longer with ports in the future. For now, here’s how to play Wuthering Waves and the best platform to use.

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Wuthering Waves: How to Play

If you’re using iOS, Mac, or Android, you’ll find Wuthering Waves on your app store. Since it’s free, you can download it and then create a Kuro account through the game’s website if you don’t have one already. As for PC, you can find and install the game using the Epic Games Store.

Best Platform for Wuthering Waves

As for the best platform to play Wuthering Waves, it’s entirely up to your personal preference. Playing on mobile comes with the issue of your phone’s capabilities and how quickly the battery might drain, but it’s easy to navigate menus using touchscreens. On the other hand, PCs tend to be more powerful and capable of playing Wuthering Waves with higher quality. Plus, you have a larger screen and might find combat easier with a mouse and keyboard.

In fact, you don’t even need to choose a single platform to use. Your Wuthering Waves data is saved across platforms, so you can swap from PC to mobile as much as you want without losing progress. With that in mind, the answer to which platform is the best to use could be all of them. That way, you can play at home or outside the house, switching between platforms to fit your needs.

That covers how to play Wuthering Waves and the best platform to use. Although there’s no news about it right now, it’s possible that the number of platforms the game is available on could increase if PlayStation and Xbox offer a port. Until then, head to our WW guide hub for more content to help with your journey as Rover.

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