The male and female Rover in Wuthering Waves
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Should You Choose Male or Female Rover in Wuthering Waves?

You can choose between a male or female main character, called Rover, in Wuthering Waves, but which is the right choice?

There are plenty of differences between Wuthering Waves and other gacha games, but more than a few similarities as well. Like the most popular gachas around, your main character, Rover, can be either male or female. But is there a difference between them, and which should you choose?

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Choosing Male or Female Rover in Wuthering Waves

The female Rover in Wuthering Waves
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Combat in Wuthering Waves might be one of its biggest differentiators from Genshin Impact, but it follows its inspiration to the letter when it comes to the main character. Ultimately, your choice is cosmetic. Both the male and female Rovers have the same abilities, move sets, dialog lines, and follow the same storyline. The only real differences between them are their gender, voice acting, and in-game appearance. Oh, and I suppose other characters will say “he” or “she,” depending on which you choose, but that’s an even more minor consideration.

The male Rover in Wuthering Waves
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That said, I think there is a better option between the two. Having listened to the English voiceover for a while, I can say with some certainty that male Rover has better delivery in almost every situation. It’s still relatively flat and emotionless, a lot like the protagonist in Honkai: Star Rail, but the female Rover’s voice acting often felt like it lacked more than emotion. It felt stilted and, at times, forced, making me want to skip it more often than listen (when it was around).

There’s also a bit of roleplay involved. The writing in Wuthering Waves takes more cues from Honkai: Star Rail in that you can make the Rover act like a complete goofball, with irreverent and downright silly responses to everyday statements. When choosing between male and female Rover, you’ll need to decide not only which character model you’ll be looking at in cutscenes but which version you think would deliver the off-the-wall dialog the best.

Should the latter two points not matter to you, then, well, the choice comes down to aesthetics. Who do you prefer the look of, and who do you think would look cooler in Wuthering Waves‘ cinematic moments? You don’t have to use the Rover as a part of your team, so you don’t need to think about who you’ll be looking at while exploring once you’ve put some time into the game.

In short: choose the waifu or husband you prefer and enjoy the game. There’s a lot of it to get to. In the meantime, check out our other Wuthering Waves guides.

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