If you're playing NG+ and you need money for end game fusions and compendium summoning, here is the most efficient way of farming yen.

How to Quickly Rack Up Money in Persona 5 (Including NG+)

If you're playing NG+ and you need money for end game fusions and compendium summoning, here is the most efficient way of farming yen.

So you’ve finished the first playthrough of Persona 5, and you want to start fusing powerful Personas to defeat the secret boss. But optimizing Personas takes a lot of money — we’re talking millions upon millions of Yen here. How are you ever supposed to rack up that much? Turns out that it’s easier than it sounds.

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This guide will tell you the best way to accumulate money as quickly as possible. Note that you don’t need to be in NG+ to use this method — you can do it during the first playthrough. But it’s especially helpful on your second run through when you really just want to save time. 

How to Grind Lots of Money in Persona 5

What You Need to Get Started

To get started with this method, you’ll need to obtain a Persona with the skills Pulinpa (high chance of confusion) and Confuse Boost. The earliest Persona that naturally obtains both of these skills is Onmoraki, who learns Pulinpa at level 14 and Confuse Boost at level 15.

Once you have these two skills, you can fuse it with whatever Persona you want so long as you keep those two skills — but you’ll want to keep an eye on the Luck stat of the Persona you’re making. The higher the luck stat is, the more money you’re going to make. 

If you’re an optimizer and you want to get luck as high as possible with minimal investment, the Gallows are your best friend. Throw the Persona whose luck you want to boost in there, and make sure it levels up.

Pay attention to the fusion result screen — the highlighted stats are what will increase. To change which stats get highlighted, exit and enter the fusion result screen over and over until you get the result you want. It’s possible to have all level up points go into luck, but it’s rare and time-consuming.

What You’re Going to be Using This Persona For

You’re going to want to go into Mementos and locate a request boss that can be confused. You can check out the official wiki to see which bosses can be confused (minor spoilers). 

Once you’ve chosen your boss, you’ll want to remove every party member from the party, walk up, and hit the boss with Confuse. Defend until the boss recovers from the confusion after three turns, then confuse it again. Rinse and repeat. You can weaken it as much as you want while it’s confused to finish it off whenever you please.

If your Persona’s stats aren’t high enough to reliably confuse the boss, you’ll want to have a healer in the party to keep you safe. Keep in mind that the more people you have in the party, the slower you’re going to be making money because you have to wait for their defend animation to play.

But really, that’s all there is to it!

Why does this method work?

It’s pretty simple. Most of the time when enemies are confused, they will randomly throw items and money away for three turns before running away from the fight. However, bosses can’t run away, so you can exploit this to have them constantly throw money and items at you.

The money they throw also scales with your luck. If your luck is around 70, then they’ll throw 150,000 yen at you. A luck stat of about 40 will net you around 60k-70k per turn. This far exceeds every other method of income the game provides you with. After an hour or two of doing this, you should hit the money cap. 

So there you go, the fastest way of making money in Persona 5! With this, you can fuse godly Personas and make the entire game a cakewalk. For more tips, check out the rest of our Persona 5 guides:

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