Weapons in Fortnite have durability, so you'd better know how to keep them repaired if you plan on surviving.

How to Repair Weapons in Fortnite

Weapons in Fortnite have durability, so you'd better know how to keep them repaired if you plan on surviving.

Like many survival games, weapon durability is an important thing to keep track of in Fortnite. As you shoot and loot your way through the map, you’ll notice the durability of your weapons slowly deteriorating — which can be especially disconcerting when you’re just now getting used to that awesome new legendary weapon you were lucky enough to loot.

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When this happens, your first instinct will probably be to search for how to repair weapons in Fortnite — but that’s not going to go so well.

Unfortunately, your options for keeping that weapon indefinitely are pretty limited, as there is currently no way to repair weapons in Fortnite. You do, however, have two options for replacing your weapons with identical ones. While they may not be ideal, they are the best replacement players have for weapon repair in Fortnite

How to Find Replacement Weapons in Fortnite

Method 1: Looting

Sadly, the first method for finding replacement weapons is through random looting. Just like how you probably got your beloved weapon in the first place, you can try to obtain another one by looting containers and chests found throughout Fortnite‘s map. Succeeding with this method, however, is both tedious and statistically improbable. You are really better off just going straight to method 2.

Method 2: Using Schematics

The far more efficient way of obtaining a steady supply of your favorite weapon is by obtaining that weapon’s schematic. Weapon schematics can be found from completing quests, completing parts of the collection book, and from opening Llama Pinatas. The schematics you obtain from quests can be either fixed or random depending on the quest, while the collection book and Llama schematics are pseudo-randomized based on rarity level. (You can check out our guide to Fornite‘s collection book to find out which schematic rewards are unlocked when. )

Once you’ve finally obtained the schematic, however, it’s yours for the keeping and you can use it to craft its respective item as many times as you want. Just be aware that you’ll need to obtain the necessary crafting materials in order to make it — but that shouldn’t be a problem with our exploration and resource gathering guide to help you out.

You might be disappointed that Fortnite doesn’t have any way to repair weapons, but at least not all hope is lost. With an armory full of schematics at your disposal, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about trying to survive without good weapons. 

What weapons have you found that you wish you could just keep forever? Let us know down below and feel free to check out any of our other Fortnite guides here on Gameskinny. 

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