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How to Replay Missions in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Find out how to replay story missons in Suicide Squad KJL here.

Suicide Squad KJL asks us to save Metropolis from Braniac’s invasion while completing various missions to get the job done. If you’re like me and playing with one character, you may be wondering if you can replay missions. Here’s how to replay missions in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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How to Replay Missions in Suicide Squad KJL

You can replay Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League missions as soon as you complete them for better rewards or to increase the challenge. I waited until I completed the campaign before replaying missions to stay in a flow state with the story, and that’s how I suggest you use the feature. But colleagues have gone back to replay story missions right after completing them for screenshots and to verify information.

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Select “Select Squad.”
  • Select “Chapter Select”.
  • Pick the story mission you’d like to replay.

Suicide Squad KJL features 7 chapters with plenty of side content along the way. There are five difficulty levels called Metropolis Invasion Levels that offer unique rewards based on the difficulty.

What Happens When You Replay a Chapter?

So, you may be wondering what happens when you revisit a chapter. Maybe you just want to replay one mission in Chapter 2 then head back to Chapter 6. After replaying a mission, you receive the rewards and have the option to continue to the next mission or go back to the main menu to your current progress. So, you get the bonus of new loot and you won’t lose any of your future progress.

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This feature offers a great opportunity to make the most of the game, especially if you let some of your squad’s gear fall by the wayside. I mained Harley Quinn for my first playthrough and will spend more time focusing on other villains like King Shark for my second playthrough. Even better, the Story Replay gives you a chance to get to know the future characters, like the Joker, planned for the seasonal content.

How Many Chapters are in Suicide Squad KJL?

The game features a decent-sized campaign that took me around 11 hours to beat. There are 7 chapters, with each chapter varying in length. Here’s a complete list of all of the story chapters and missions in Suicide Squad KJL so you know where you want to dive back in.

  • Chapter 1 Arkham’s Least Wanted
    • Beginning of the End
    • Suicide Mission
    • Arkham, Night
    • Playback
    • Demolition Squad
    • Five Finger Discount
    • Noisemaker
    • Fortress Metropolis
    • Find Flash
    • Superhero Rescue
    • Knight at the Museum
    • Tacticool Retreat
    • Sanctum Decorum
  • Chapter 2 Task Forced X
    • Systems Support
    • Seeing Green
    • Hello Oswald
    • Exterminators
    • Gotta Cache ‘Em All
    • Moving Violations
    • Make Some Noise
    • Q’s and A-Holes
    • Don’t Blow It
    • Operation Goon Rescue
    • Marching Orders
    • Ride and/or Die
    • Dockside Rumble
    • Suicide Run
  • Chapter 3 Worst Laid Plans
    • Best Buds
    • Branching Story
    • Spyware and Warfare
    • Ice 2 Meet U
    • Combat and Chill
    • Stay Frosty
    • Big Billionare Hunt
    • That’s Not Cannon
    • Shareholder Meeting
    • Breaking News
    • Toy Force X
    • This Resonates
    • Kill the Flash
  • Chapter 4 You Either Die A Villain…
    • Dead Man’s Heart
    • Just a Phase
    • Our Apocalyptic Vacation
    • Storm of the Century
    • Banking on Violence
    • Lantern Killer
    • Kill Green Lantern
    • Saving Amanda Waller
    • Wall to the Hall
    • Worst Case Scenario
  • Chapter 5 Once More, With Bullets
    • Exploring Our Roots
    • Too Many Batcaves
    • Who Goes There
    • Grab Batman
    • Batman’s Delivery Service
    • Squad of Steel
    • Batman’s Last Ride
    • Kill Superman
  • Chapter 6 Crisis On Two Earths
    • So Now What?
    • War Games
    • Enter Earth-2
    • Kill Brainiac
  • Chapter 7 Finite Crisis
    • Crisis Management

That does it for how to replay missions in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our SSKJL guides hub, like how to dismantle gear, and more.

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