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How to Sell Planes in GTA Online

If you've got some extra aircraft you want to get rid of, there's a way to sell planes in GTAO. Just don't invest too much to do it.

There will come a time when you want to sell planes in GTA Online. Getting an aircraft in is one thing, but selling them is something entirely different. You can buy plenty on the Warstock Cache & Carry website, and you can store each of them in a hangar. Not all of them can be sold, though, and you’ve got to make a bit of an investment even past purchasing the hangar to get rid of one.

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How to Sell Planes in GTA Online

To sell plans in GTA Online, you’ll need a hangar with the workshop upgrade. The method for getting rid of all aircraft (helicopters included) is the same, but you can’t do anything about Pegasus models. That last part is the real kicker here because it exempts several makes and models from being sold. You can slip them into your hangar and customize them, but that’s it.

As for the rest, you’ll need to make a fairly hefty investment to even be able to sell planes in GTA Online. Buying both a hangar and a workshop for one is a combined investment of well over $2 million, with the workshop in any hangar costing over $1 million alone. It’s not cheap to even have the ability to sell aircraft.

How to Buy a Hangar

For those who don’t have one yet, you can buy a hangar via the Maze Bank Foreclosures listings. They’re pricey, and it’s really up to you whether it’s worth the investment.

How to Buy a Hangar Workshop

If you have a hangar but forgot how to make changes or additions to your businesses: you upgrade them via the Maze Bank Forclosures listings. Just select the hangar you own and then “Renovate” to add a workshop.

How to Sell Planes in a Hangar

So you’ve got a hangar, you’ve got a workshop. What now?

  1. Fly your aircraft into your hangar.
  2. Press the button prompted at the top left to modify your aircraft.
  3. Select Sell.

And that’s how to sell planes in GTAO. Unfortunately, the only aircraft I own are Pegasus vehicles, so I’m out of luck. That might not be the case for you, though! If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other GTAO guides here on GameSkinny.

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