Outdoor brazier puzzle area with glowing cave on a hill in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2
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How to Solve the Outdoor Brazier Puzzle in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

All you need is a little bit of light!

After completing the ball puzzles in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, you move into the Hiddenfolk caves, where you face plenty more challenges. One particularly difficult obstacle is the brazier puzzle you find in the outdoor meadow. We have some tips to help you complete it a bit easier.

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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – Outdoor Brazier Puzzle Guide

You’ll come to this portion of the map after traversing through the dangerous shadow waters. You’ll receive a torch through the blue portal in the wall at the entrance, and with it, you can begin lighting the braziers (like you did inside the cave) to open up new pathways.

Your goal is to reach the cave with the faint light coming from within. To do that, though, you’ll need to work your way all the way around from the right and up using the braziers that are available. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll get there:

Step 1 – Cross over the bridge to two more braziers

  • First, light the brazier in the center of the area, facing the cave on the hill above. Then, walk down the hill and over to the right side. A new bridge materializes, allowing you to cross over the gap in the canyon to the other side.
  • Walk forward and turn right. You’ll see a ledge on which you can drop down to a lower area. Continue following the path forward and around to the right.
  • You’ll see another brazier, this time already lit in a blue flame. Approach it and snuff it out. Snuffing it out will open a way to return to the previous brazier.
  • With the second flame extinguished, walk through the new path to the brazier you extinguished first and relight it. This will start piecing together a stretch of land you can cross to the next area.
  • You can use the path to return to the second extinguished light and relight it again, finishing the hill bridge across. Walk up the slope to cross over.

Step 2 – Trust the spirit with your torch

  • Here, there’s another gap that you cannot get over. Instead, turn to the right and find another blue portal. Place the torch inside and watch as the spirit takes it from the other side.
  • The spirit takes the torch and brings it downhill to light a brazier. This creates another bridge below that you can get over the gap.
  • Walk back downhill. To get to the new bridge, put out the second extinguished brazier again to reopen the path. Now, cross over the second bridge to the next area.

Step 3 – Crawl through a tunnel to retrieve your torch

  • After crossing the second materialized bridge, you can reach the fourth brazier. It’s already lit, so interact with it to put it out.
  • With the flame out, turn around, and you’ll notice an opening in the rock behind you now. You can crawl through the tunnel to reach the top of another hill.
  • You’ll find another torch portal on the wall to the left. This time, you’ll receive the torch back from the spirit. Pick it back up.
  • Now, go back through the tunnel and light the brazier once again.
  • With the brazier lit, turn around, and the tunnel will become a hill with a slope to walk up.

Step 4 – Light the last brazier and return to the beginning

  • Once up the hill, turn left and walk over to another brazier. This one is unlit, so use the torch to light it. Lighting this last brazier will open up the entrance to the cave, but you’ll still have to reach it.
  • Climb down from the hill by using the ledge, and make your way back to the very first brazier again.
  • Snuff out the flame and look at the hill below the cave. A new tunnel opens up so you can cross underneath.
  • Go through the tunnel and take a right, following the path up the slope and onto the hill.

Step 5 – Give up your torch one last time and enter the cave

  • At the very top of the hill, you’ll spot yet another torch portal. Approach it and give up your torch again.
  • The spirit will take the torch via the outdoor entrance and light the first brazier for you, reopening the path to the cave entrance.
  • Follow the path around to the right and enter the cave entrance at last!

Once you complete these steps, you can continue onward to uncover the secrets about the Hiddenfolk. It’s a lot of back and forth and lighting and snuffing braziers, but you’ve definitely proved your diligence.

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