How To Speed Level Your Gameskinny Level

The best way to get your Gameskinny level to go up.

The best way to get your Gameskinny level to go up.
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GameSkinny has user levels, almost like an RPG. I will be going over the fastest way to bring up your user level.

How Do You Get Points For Your Level

There are several ways to get points towards your level. Among them are commenting on posts, writing posts, getting your post featured, leaving feedback in the editorial section, and following other members. Most of these only give you five points per action, so they’re not really recommended as a primary source of leveling. However, commenting on other people’s work in a respectable way will likely see people comment on yours at a later date, so it’s definitely useful.

The two big hitters are writing posts and having your post featured. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. The wrong way is to just crank out a bunch of posts. If you don’t take the time to do quality posts, you’ll lose out on most of your points because your post will never get featured. If you can crank out quality posts though, by all means do so. The right way is to find the big news or game topics and make really compelling article about them. If you can do that then you’ll likely be able to get the posts featured.


Here are a few people you can follow to get a good feel for the variety of things you can cover.

So if any of you just have to have high levels, here is my advice. Look around the site and see what people are posting. Comment on the articles you’re interested in, and follow the people who write about what you want to see. Then post quality articles of your own, so that they have a chance of being featured and respond to the comments left on your post.

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