To survive in the jungle, you'll need to know how to build a Green Hell fire. Here's how to do that, as well as craft the hand drill and find tinder.

How to Start a Fire in Green Hell

To survive in the jungle, you'll need to know how to build a Green Hell fire. Here's how to do that, as well as craft the hand drill and find tinder.

Man’s greatest friend in Green Hell is fire. You’ll need it to cook food, stay warm, stay sane, and maybe even just attain a nice ambience for your camp. However, as you’ll be seeing red with disastrously low carb, protein, fats, and hydration meters, figuring out how to get yourself some cozy flames going can be a bit much.

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This guide will ease the pressure by showing you how to set up a basic Green Hell fire. It will also tell you how to craft the hand drill, as well as find two important types of tinder to get your fire going. 

How to Build a Fire Base in Green Hell

Building a Green Hell fire in is incredibly easy and requires the following ingredients:

  • 6x Small Sticks
  • 8x Sticks
  • 1x Hand Drill
  • 1x Dry Leaves

Sticks are the easiest items to come across, with plenty of harvestable trees in the jungle. You’ll need a basic bone knife to hack away at the trees, which can be found in the first abandoned village you’ll come across; it’s there beside the hammock in the back of the small village.

Breaking down a tree will usually provide all kinds of sticks: large sticks, sticks, small sticks, and planks, all of random number. Large sticks can be chopped into sticks, and sticks can be chopped into small sticks, usually resulting in two of the item.

Once you have all of your wood collected, you’ll want to open up your notebook, navigate toward the fire symbol tab on the right side (third tab down from the top). Hover over the small fire drawing on the left page of the notebook, and select the small fire.

This will allow you to select where you want to place your fire on the ground. Once positioned, you can deposit all of your sticks and small sticks to actually build the fire. 

How to Craft a Hand Drill in Green Hell

Now that your fire base is built, you’ll need a hand drill and some dry leaves or a bird’s nest to ignite it. Luckily, crafting a hand drill requires the same materials needed for the fire base, which makes it easily accessible if you neither have one or your previous one has worn out.

To craft a hand drill, you’ll need:

  • 1x Stick or Plank
  • 1x Small Stick

Once you have the materials, open the crafting menu and combine the crafting ingredients. 

To use your hand drill, simply open your backpack, however the cursor over the hand drill, and select the dropdown option. Select use. If you have tinder (dry leaves or a bird’s nest) in your inventory, this will start a small animation, where the hand drill is placed in front of you.

How to Get Dry Leaves

You’ll come across dry leaves naturally. If you are short, you can typically find them on either the tree that provides bananas or the tree that drops nuts. Dry leaves are noticeable by their brown appearance

You can also make dry leaves if you have a bamboo dryer. Luckily, there is a bamboo dryer in the first village. Gather small leaf piles by chopping down bushes, then hang them on the bamboo drier. 

How to Get Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nests can be found on the ground and in trees. In the tutorial, you’ll find a bird’s nest on a log. Out in the real game, finding bird’s nests can be difficult, and they’re much more random it seems than dry leaves. Look high and low to find nests, but don’t make them your main source of tinder early on.  

How to Start a Fire

Once you have placed the dry leaves or bird’s nest into the hand drill, an animation will play, and you’ll begin to spark up a small flame. Ensure that you have plenty of stamina when you begin this because if you run out mid animation, you will both deplete the durability of your hand drill and use up your tinder.

Once you have the ember ready to go, approach the planted fire base, and you will be prompted to “ignite.” Choose that option, and you have fire!

Like anything else in Green Hell, fires also have durations and durability, and they will only last so long. A fire’s duration can be determined by the circled icon. You can extend a fire’s duration by inserting leaves, feathers, and various other items into the flames.

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