Whether you're a new player or returning to Enoch once again, here's how to start the Worldslayer DLC in Outriders.

How to Start Outriders Worldslayer DLC for New and Returning Players

Whether you're a new player or returning to Enoch once again, here's how to start the Worldslayer DLC in Outriders.

Outriders Worldslayer is the biggest, most ambitious DLC yet for People Can Fly’s multiplayer co-op looter shooter. Where New Horizon tweaked a few game mechanics and added new expeditions, gear, and transmogrification, Worldslayer continues the story from the base game, reworks the difficulty tiers, adds completely new skills, and much more. 

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Whether you’ve picked up the Worldslayer upgrade to the base game or starting from scratch with the Outriders Wordlslayer bundle, you’ll likely want to know how to start the DLC content. You’ll be able to jump right in either way, though new players will have an extra small hoop to jump through. 

How to Start Worldslayer as a Returning Player

The campaign content for Outriders Worldslayer becomes available at the end of the base game.

If you’re a returning player and have yet to finish the vanilla campaign, you’ll have to do so before gaining access to Worldslayer‘s story. You’ll notice that World Tiers have changed to Apocalypse Tiers, however, and that you’ll have access to Apocalypse Items, as those are the new difficulty levels and corresponding rewards introduced in Worldslayer

If you’re a returning player and have finished the vanilla campaign, you can jump right into Worldslayer content by visiting the Outriders Camp, the last story point in the campaign. This area is where you access Expeditions.

Once at the camp, you’ll receive a new mission called Omens, telling you to speak with Channa to start the DLC.

Existing players creating new characters can auto-level them to Level 30 and choose to jump directly to Worldslayer content, just as new players creating new characters can. 

How to Start Worldslayer as a New Player

There are a few options for new players. You can simply create a new character and play through the base game’s campaign, naturally leveling up your Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, or Trickster. It’s an excellent way to get to grips with the game’s systems, and if you’re having trouble, we’ve got some guides to help. Once you reach the end, you’ll have access to the Outriders Camp, where you can speak with Channa to start Worldslayer

You can also choose to auto-level your new character to Level 30, jump the base game entirely, and have access to the Outriders Camp and Worldslayer immediately. Once you create a new character, but before you choose your class path, the game will ask where you want to start: the prologue, the main story, or Worldslayer

If you choose the prologue, you’ll start at the very beginning of Outriders. Selecting the main story skips the prologue. And picking Worldslayer skips the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s worth noting, however, that you can always go back and play the vanilla campaign if you skip straight to Worldslayer. You are never locked out of this content. 

Of course, the new endgame content, Trial of Tarya Gratar, becomes available after the Worldslayer campaign for all players. But now that you know how to access the DLC, you’re well on your way to seeing how the next chapter of the Outriders‘ story pans out — and a new loot grind to boot. 

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