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How to Summon All Temple Guardian Bosses in Soulmask

Challenge the mighty beasts!

The combat in Soulmask is already tricky enough, but taking on the Temple Guardian Bosses is a next-level challenge. Defeating these mighty beasts will allow you to progress further in your mask abilities and gain their unique gear. Here’s how to summon them.

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How to Summon Temple Guardians in Soulmask

The Temple Guardians are the main bosses you’ll fight in the game. There are five different types of guardians you’ll face across the various biomes. Each type also has three different tiers. Each beast and tier will increase in difficulty as you progress through them. These are all the types of guardians you’ll face:

  • Saber-Toothed Predator
  • FogFrog
  • Vajra Ape
  • Tempest Griffin
  • Mammoth

Unlike the Barbarian leaders and chiefs, they need to be summoned on their special altars. You’ll find these altars at each of the Ancient Pyramids around the map. These are all their locations:

All Temple Guardian Altar Locations — Ancient Pyramids

  • Northern Rainforest — Saber-Toothed Predator
  • Table Mountain — FogFrog
  • Volcanic Forest — Vajra Ape
  • Northern Wasteland — Tempest Griffin
  • Alpine Land — Mammoth

Once you get to the Ancient Pyramid locations, look for the summoning altar in the center of the pillared area (usually in front of the large beast statue). Interact with the altar to select the boss tier you want to summon, and then press the summon button with all the required materials in your inventory.

You’ll need specific materials to summon each boss and each tier of boss. Not only will you need some random materials you can collect in the wild, but special items as well, like Worship Containers. You’ll also need to be at the proper Awareness Strength as well.

All Boss Summon Materials

These are all the items and levels you’ll need to make each summon (we’re just missing the Mammoth items right now):

BossItemsAwareness Strength Level
Fierce Saber-Toothed PredatorPremium Fresh Meat x5
Beast Bone x5
Beast Blood x5
Worship Container x1
Berserk Saber-Toothed PredatorRare Fresh Meat x5
Premium Beast Bone x5
Premium Beast Blood x5
Worship Container x2
Saber-Toothed Predator of DoomRare Fresh Meat x10
Rare Beast Bone x5
Rare Beast Blood x5
Worship Container x3
Earth Worship Container x1
Poison FogFrogAloe Essence x5
Acidic Fluid x5
Blood Activating Cream x2
Worship Container x1
Berserk FogFrogPlant Essence x2
Excitant x2
Coagulation Cream x2
Worship Container x2
FogFrog of DoomPlant Essence x4
Excitant x4
Hematogenesis Cream x2
Worship Container x3
Water Worship Container x1
Almighty Vajra ApePremium Steak x5
Fruit Wine x5
Fruit Kebab x5
Worship Container x1
Berserk Vajra ApeFried Rare Steak x5
Mead x5
Mixed Jam x5
Worship Container x2
Vajra Ape of DoomFried Rare Steak x10
Mead x5
Mixed Jam x5
Worship Container x3
Wind Worship Container x1
Worship Sky-Shading Tempest GriffinSeafood Quinoa Rice x5
Excitant x2
Premium Fresh Meat x5
Worship Container x1
Berserk Tempest GriffinSeafood Quinoa Rice x5
Excitant x5
Rare Fresh Meat x5
Worship Container x2
Tempest Griffin of DoomSeafood Quinoa Rice x10
Anti-Radiation Essence x5
Rare Fresh Meat x10
Worship Container x3
Fire Worship Container x1

Once you have those materials in your inventory, you can summon the beast at their altar. The beast will immediately spawn in the area of the altar and stay between all the pillars surrounding it. These are definitely not easy battles. Ensure you have all the proper gear and weapons you need ahead of time, and bring plenty of friends and Tribesmen if possible. The more people you have helping you, the easier it will be to defeat these bosses.

After you defeat the beast, you’ll unlock the crafting recipes for their armor sets and can collect their materials to craft them. You’ll also gain Mask Node Data Updates with body enhancements after defeating them as well, helping you grow even stronger.

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