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Where to Get Worship Containers in Soulmask (& What They Do)

You won't be able to summon a Temple Guardian without these special items. Here's how to get them!

You’ll come across plenty of different animals while hunting in the wilderness in Soulmask. However, if you’re looking for those extra special beasts for those rarer gear pieces, you’ll need to summon them. You won’t be able to summon them without Worship Containers, so here’s how to get some and how they work.

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How to Get Worship Containers in Soulmask

The special beasts in Soulmask are known as Temple Guardians, and they are the ones you’ll need to defeat to craft some extra powerful gear. There are several different types of Temple Guardians:

  • Saber-Toothed Predator:
    • Fierce Saber-Toothed Predator.
    • Berserk Saber-Toothed Predator.
    • Saber-Toothed Predator of Doom.
  • Fogfrog:
    • Fierce Fogfrog.
    • Berserk Fogfrog.
    • Fogfrog of Doom.
  • Vajra Ape:
    • Fierce Vajra Ape.
    • Berserk Vajra Ape.
    • Vajra Ape of Doom.
  • Tempest Griffin:
    • Fierce Tempest Griffin.
    • Berserk Tempest Griffin.
    • Tempest Griffin of Doom.
  • Mammoth:
    • Fierce Mammoth.
    • Berserk Mammoth.
    • Mammoth of Doom.

To summon them, you’ll need Worship Containers to place on altars at the various Ancient Pyramids around the map. You can get these Worship Containers by defeating Tribe Leaders and Chiefs.

Where to Find Tribe Leaders and Chiefs

You can occasionally come across Tribe Leaders and Chiefs at Ancient Ruins, but the best place to track them down is at Barracks. These are white triangle-shaped icons on your map, as you can see on the map below.

You can locate Barracks by tracking down scouts and interrogating them for information. Barracks are larger camps with plenty of enemies, but also where you’ll find those chiefs and leaders. They are the only type of enemy, besides some Elite Outcasts and Plunderers, that will carry the Worship Containers.

How to Use a Worship Container

Once you have Worship Container, you can head to the nearest Ancient Pyramid to summon and face one of the Temple Guardians. The Temple Guardians all differ in difficulty depending on the location on the pyramid. If you haven’t yet faced a Temple Guardian, I would suggest starting with the Saber-Toothed Predator at the temple closest to the starting isle.

  • Saber-Toothed Predator Temple – Eastern Biome (Starter Isle).
  • Fogfrog Temple – Southwestern Biome.
  • Vajra Ape Temple – Central Biome.
  • Tempest Griffin Temple – Northeastern Biome.
  • Mammoth Temple – Northwestern Biome.

Once you get to those locations, look for an altar. It’ll usually be at the very center of the pillars and the giant statue of the guardian. At this altar, you can interact with it to see what items you need to offer up as a sacrifice.

Each guardian will require different items, including one of the Worship Containers. Once you have all the items in your inventory, you’ll have the option to summon one of the three tiers of the guardian. It will then spawn in the area, and you can defeat it to claim its special materials. These materials will allow you to craft some of the most powerful armor and weapons in the game.

Now that you know how to get those Worship Containers and use them, you can start the process yourself. However, make sure you’re prepared for some challenging battles. The tribe chiefs and leaders are challenging enough, but the Temple Guardians are at the next level. Bring some Tribesmen, friends, and plenty of healing for a better chance of survival.

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