How To Survive Night 6 In Five Night’s At Freddy’s

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So… You have survived nights 1-5, you have tried to complete night 6 a handful of times but you are getting to that point where you think this is impossible. But there is no need to worry anymore, I am here to help!

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One Useful Tip You NEED To Know:

If you look at Freddy he will become inactive for a few seconds which will give you enough time to check on Foxy and check both of your lights to make sure that Bonnie and Chica are not there.

If you do this right, it is possible to prevent Freddy from moving at all.

Freddy’s Night 6 Strategy:

Start your game and open up your security cameras then immediately check the main stage and then check on Foxy. As soon as you have clicked on Pirate’s Cove close your camera and check both of your lights to see if Bonnie or Chica are at your doors. (Remember Bonnie will appear on your left and Chica will appear on your right, also do not look on the camera to try to find where Bonnie and Chica are, ONLY use your lights.)

If you are on night 6 you should know when and how to prevent Foxy from killing you since he/she is your main priority apart from making sure that Freddy does not move. Once you get this down and you can get it do it in a fluid motion, just rinse and repeat.

Possible Cons:

While doing this strategy there is a high chance that you will run out of power, and if you are doing this strategy you could get down to 0% power – but within a few seconds of completing the night.

I recommend that you try this strategy on night 5 if possible for practice since this all revolves on how fast you can do the actions required so you do not waste all of your power.

Side Note: 

It will most probably take a few attempts to complete this night. BUT, believe me, you will feel like you are the greatest person on earth after finishing the night. 

Any questions just ask me in the comments and I will do my best to help you.

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