Still searching for the QR codes to unlock some of Takayuki's most potent moves? We've got you.

How To Unlock All The QR Code Skills In Judgment

Still searching for the QR codes to unlock some of Takayuki's most potent moves? We've got you.

For all of its strengths, Judgment sure does like to bog players down with hunting for QR (or 2D) codes. Finding the QR (2D) codes in Judgment can be a pain sometimes, but it’s well worth it. 

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Tracking down five of these codes scattered on motivational posters across Kamurocho will allow you to unlock some of Takayuki’s strongest moves, including Tiger Drop, by far the most effective combat move in the game.

Luckily, you can find all of these codes pretty much as soon as the game begins. Happy hunting!

Judgment Skill QR Code Locations

QR Code #1 (EX Light Bullet)

This one is pretty easy to find. Right outside Yagami Detective Agency, you’ll see a white sedan parked in front of an alley.

Remember that Yagami is a little more limber than Kiryu is; just hold the “X” button to vault over the car, then look to your left to find the code. Snap a picture to gain access to EX Light Bullet, a powerful move usable only in Paradise VR.

QR Code #2 (Dire Determination)

After you snap a photo of the first QR code, head north to Kamuro Theater. Use the southwestern entrance, the same one you’d use to access M Side Cafe.

Once you’re in, take the elevator up to the roof. Once you’re there, take an immediate left, and you’ll see a set of double doors. At the end of the hallway is the second QR code poster, the one that unlocks Dire Determination in your skills app.

QR Code 3 (Blessing of the Wind God)

This one’s pretty easy to spot, too. First, head to Yoshida Batting Center. Once you’re there, head to your right, past the cages and through the door in the back.

Directly to your left in that hallway, you’ll see the third QR code. This one unlocks Blessing of the Wind God, a skill that lets you sprint away from battle when your health is low.

QR Code 4 (EX Tiger Dances With Crane)

These last two are out of the way, but trust me that they’re worth the detour.

To find the fourth QR code in Judgment, head over to Gyu-Kaku, but don’t go in yet. You’ll see on your map that there’s an elevator directly to your right that you can enter, so hop on in.

Once you’re upstairs, you’ll find that you’re in an empty office building. Follow the hallway, and right by the entrance to the office, you’ll find the QR code to the right. This code unlocks EX Tiger Dances With Crane, which is pound-for-pound the highest damage-dealing move in the game, given that it knocks an entire health bar off of your opponent.

QR Code 5 (Tiger Drop)

This is the only code of the batch that actually requires you to break out the drone.

First, head to the empty lot in the Champion District and face the south wall. You should be able to see the QR code at this point; if you don’t, stand still for a second and it’ll gleam for you. Then let your drone loose and snap a photo of the code!

This unlocks the most overpowered combat technique in the game, Tiger Drop. Though it’s not as powerful as certain other moves, it interrupts opponents’ attacks with an instant, crushing counter that knocks off about a third of a boss’s health bar. 

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