How to Unlock New Outfits and Costumes in Tekken 8

Here's how to unlock additional customization pieces for your Tekken 8 fighters.

Jin Kazama Intro Pose while wearing his Hwoarang swapped outfit.
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Fighting is important in Tekken 8, but customization is undoubtedly a fan-favorite feature. This time around, there’s even more to change, as Avatars can be customized too. Below, I’ll break down how to unlock new outfits and costumes in Tekken 8.

How to Unlock Alternate Outfits in Tekken 8

There are a couple of different ways to unlock customization options in the latest entry of the 3D fighter. Barring outfits made available after completing the story mode, you’ll unlock the rest by purchasing them with in-game currency or defeating Super Ghosts. Player Avatars also have their own clothing items that need to be bought or unlocked as well.

Purchase Outfits with Fight Money

Jun's TK2 Style outfit, which costs 500,000 fight money to unlock.
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Just like the games preceding it, most items in the Customization menu simply require Fight Money to purchase. This currency can be earned through online play or by fighting the CPU in most modes outside of VS. You can even earn a decent chunk from playing through the story mode or Character Episodes.

Once you have the money, you can buy them directly from the Customization menu for your character. Although many hair options, outfits, and accessories are the same across the roster, you’ll need to buy them separately for each character.

Defeat Super Ghosts

A player avatar surrounded by NPCs in the Super Ghost Battle Room.
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Another method to unlock new outfits is to defeat certain ghosts in Super Ghost Battle. This mode is unlocked after beating your first tournament in Arcade Quest and then visiting the Final Round arcade. For most characters, this is needed to unlock the TK8 Style (Alternate B) outfits. A handful have their Alternate A outfits locked this way instead, though. You’ll know which NPCs to gravitate towards as they’ll have a small treasure chest icon next to their name.

The only caveat is that you can’t easily tell what outfit the NPC has before the fight. Their chosen character will be wearing the outfit, though, so you’ll need to start the fight to figure out what they have. These fights aren’t exactly pushovers and quite a few will make the rewards feel hard-earned. I recommend becoming familiar with the brand-new Heat mechanics before challenging some of them.

How to Unlock Avatar Costumes

The Avatar Customization screen, showing a locked Karate Top that requires a strong opponent to be beat.
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Avatars are new to Tekken 8 and offer their own customization too. Just like the characters, some options require some Fight Money to use. If you want to access clothing items that are locked, you’ll need to progress through the Arcade Quest mode and earn higher ranks.

That covers all of the ways we’ve found for how to unlock outfits in Tekken 8. Keep an eye on our T8 guides hub, as we’ll be updating it with error fixes and other breakdowns for different mechanics and modes.

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