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How to Unlock Other Faction Characters in XDefiant

Get rid of that base skin and learn to unlock the other characters in XDefiant.

XDefiant launched on May 21, and for thousands of players, the grind has started. Besides the dozens of weapons in the game, XDefiant has different factions, each with different characters. At the start of the game, players can use a base character for each faction, but there are others, so if you want to learn how to unlock the other characters in XDefiant, keep reading.

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XDefiant: How to Unlock the Other Characters

In XDefiant, there are many ways to unlock weapons, attachments, and characters. In other games, leveling your account is enough to get new guns and basic skins, but Ubisoft made it different in this game. To unlock the characters in XDefiant, players must complete a set of challenges.

How to Unlock Rafa and Samir From the Echelon Faction

To unlock these characters, players need to play with the base character of the faction and do some specific actions within matches. These are the challenges players must complete to get Rafa and Samir:

  • Rafa: Get 50 Intel Suit spot assists
  • Samir: Get 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit
Samir from XDefiant
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Players must use both abilities throughout a handful of matches to unlock Rafa and Samir. Intel Suit and the Digital Ghillie Suit have short cooldowns, so players can use them many times in the same game.

How to Unlock Kersey and Green From the Cleaners Faction

To unlock the following characters, you must complete some challenges similar to the ones in the previous faction. These are the challenges for each character:

  • Green: Get 50 kills with the Incinerator Drone
  • Kersey: Get 50 kills with the Firebomb
Kersey from the cleaners faction
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In XDefiant, the Cleaners are a great faction for players who like doing damage to their enemies. Their different abilities and passive are great for dealing with many enemies, so if you like this faction, you should be in front of all the action.

How to Unlock Rhino and Gorgon From the Phantoms Faction

To unlock Rhino and Gorgon, players need to use both of the faction’s abilities. The Blitz Shield and the Mag Barrier are great tools for defending positions from the enemy team, so using them in game modes like Escort will be essential to win matches. Players must complete the following challenges to unlock Rhino and Gorgon:

  • Gorgon: Block 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier
  • Rhino: Get 25 kills with Blitz Shield
Rhino from the Phantoms faction in XDefiant
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Blocking 10,000 damage can take a while, so players must use the Mag Barrier ability every time they can so they can start gathering all those points quickly.

How to Unlock Seleste and Beto From the Libertad Faction

The Libertard faction has many abilities based on healing themselves and their team, so playing the objective and pushing through the map in game modes like Escort will be an effective strategy for players wanting to excel at this faction. To unlock Seleste and Beto, players must complete the following challenges:

  • Seleste: Heal 5,000 to allies with El Remedio
  • Beto: Heal 5,000 to allies with the BioVida Boost
Beto from the Libertad faction in XDefiant
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How to Unlock Sebastian, Gia, and Jian From the Deadsec Faction

The Deadsec characters are even harder to get, as players need to unlock the faction first. To unlock the Deasec faction and its characters, players must buy it with 1,000 XCoins or gather 700,000 XP points via the Major Challenge. For many gamers, completing the Major Challenge will take a while, so make sure you play the objective, work as a team, and get all the kills you can to gather the most XP possible in every match.

Deadsec unlock screen
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