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How to Unlock the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns

Today we talk about how to unlock the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns.

The Artifact of Command is probably one of the most popular Artifacts in the franchise as it allows you to tailor your build to your liking. Here’s how to unlock the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Veteran players might remember its location from the original but for newcomers, it’s hidden in the fourth level and needs to be found. It requires some mobility skills and platforming to reach. That said, it’s highly worth it for everyone who wants to reduce the randomness of items in a run.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Command Artifact

The Artifact of Command makes it so that random items drop as boxes instead that allow you to choose which item you’ll receive. You still have to pay for the item but you can select exactly which one you want based on rarity. The Command Artifact is located in the “Hive Cluster” level.

Here’s how to find it:

  • Reaching the “Hive Cluster” area is slightly random as it’s one of the two maps possible for your fourth level.
  • If you do happen to get it, navigate to the top-right corner of the map.
  • Look for shimmering pink vines that appear and disappear on a timer.
  • You need to jump to each one to reach the far platform where the Artifact of Command lies.

Note that pink vines are still climbable despite being invisible so you don’t have to wait for them to appear. I recommend picking up the Photon Jetpack or the Hopoo Feather along the way for extra jump maneuverability. Furthermore, I recommend survivors like the Pilot with his parachute, a teleporting Huntress, or the Loader with his gauntlet as they have an easier time reaching this platform.

Once you pick up the Artifact of Command, you’ll have it available in character selection for your next run.

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How Does the Artifact of Command Work

As we mentioned, with this Artifact active items will no longer be random but will appear in rarity boxes. These include the white Common boxes, green Uncommon ones, and Rare red ones. Moreover, the orange ones are for Equipment.

Once you unlock one with money, an interface will display all the items in that rarity for you to choose. Selecting one will drop it as usual. I’d advise taking care to open chests while you’re safe since you cannot close the interface while making your choice. If you’re surrounded by enemies, you better know what you want and can select it quickly.

Now you know how to unlock the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns and how to use it. It’s a highly popular option for tailoring your build to your liking. Or just stacking absurd amounts of one item. Either way, here are more of our Risk of Rain Returns guides for additional useful tips and tricks.

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