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How to Unlock the HRM-9 SMG in MW3 and Warzone

The HRM-9 is a powerful new SMG in Modern Warfare 3. Here's how to get it.

The HRM-9 is a new SMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded. Unlike other Season Pass rewards, it’s pretty easy to unlock. Adding the weapon to your collection should only take a few matches. I’ll tell you how to get it in this guide.

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How to Get the HRM-9 Sub-Machine Gun in Modern Warfare 3

Battle Pass unlock page for the HRM-9
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There are only a few steps to unlock the HRM-9 in MW3.

Completely unlock sector A1 on the Battle Pass. Buy the 2,400 COD Point version of the Battle Pass or spend five Tokens to get everything in Sector A1. Depending on your match points, getting everything in Sector A1 could take a few hours. One of the most efficient Token XP modes in MW3 is Zombies because you can hang around in the lowest difficulty area doing contracts, slaying Zombies, and exfiltrating relatively safely.

Complete all five challenges in Sector A21. With Sector 21 unlocked, start grinding to get the HRM-9 SMG. Don’t need to spend any Battle Pass Tokens to get the weapon. Instead, I recommend completing the challenges associated with each node.

  • JAK Thunder LMG Kit: Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie kills while aimed down sights with SMGs.
  • JAK BFB: Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie hipfire kills with SMGs.
  • Cranium Cracked Emblem: Get 10 Operator Headshot or Special Zombie Critical kills with SMGs.
  • Double Battle Pass XP Token: Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie kills in Tac Stance with SMGs.
  • HRM-9: Once you complete the previous four challenges, get 20 Operator or Special Zombie kills while moving with SMGs.

Blessedly, once you complete a particular challenge, it automatically unlocks in Sector A1. You don’t have to do anything additional to progress. It’s possible to complete the entire challenge in a single match of Ground War or War if it goes on long enough. I don’t suggest that, though. You need 60+ kills to do so. The same is true of a Zombies match, provided you know how to spawn and farm Special Zombies.

And that’s how to get the HRM-9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3. For more coverage of the latest Call of Duty title, check out our MW3 guides hub.

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